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+3.6k -75 Sep 6th, 2020

I agree and I have a good idea who is financing the case against me. It will go nowhere in court. It was filed solely to write a smear article. I have a special set of skills so truth will be revealed & there will be accountability. Thanks for your support. - Lin ❤️

+1.5k -46 Jan 9th, 2021

I hope you don’t lose faith in me but the choice is yours to make. Events do not occur on my time schedule or yours. God reveals TRUTH on His schedule.

+1.1k -24 Jan 9th, 2021

Trust God. Be fearless. He is in TOTAL control. And He always acts for good.

+995 -37 Jan 8th, 2021

Please consider sharing these Mike Pence & Paul Ryan emails on Twitter. Jack doesn’t seem to like me anymore. Thanks & God bless you.

+429 -18 Jan 9th, 2021

Excellent analysis. - Lin ❤️

+8.8k 700k views Dec 14th, 2020

Here is the Antrim County, MI forensic report on Dominion voting machines. What was done in Antrim was done across nation.

+8.1k 547k views Nov 13th, 2020

The November 3 General Election was u lawful & unconstitutional. Secretary of State changed absentee ballot rules in March 6, 2020 Consent Agreement with Democratic Party. I filed a lawsuit today in federal court in Atlanta. Under established law, the election must be voided by legislature. Electors then chosen. All down ballot races must be set for a new election date. Governor & Secretary of State ties to China must be investigated. #FightBack

+19k 5.7m views Jan 8th, 2021

Please understand, I was provided this password with the representation that another or others possessed the file to which the password applies. Hence, my statement that I do not know the content of the file. Nor do I know the identities of those to whom Kappy provided the file or files. If I possessed the file or files, I would release the content but I do not have the file. I have done all that I can do to hopefully reveal the truth of the Kappy file. The password is (inside the quotes): “cultstate.com has issued protections on this matter” Thank you.

+1.3k 64k views Oct 7th, 2020

I need to spend more time on Parler & less time on Twitter. Jack will certainly censor me on Twitter at some point. I just cannot resist doing battle with Jack on his turf until he runs scared of the truth & suspends me. I know you have many demands on your pocketbooks, but I am compelled to again ask you to donate to help with criminal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse. Also consider donating to Foundation too. Exciting news soon about a new #FightBack project to help some deserving people save their family homes.

+1.7k 107k views Sep 22th, 2020

Do you have 11 minutes to learn truth? This afternoon, Tuesday, September 22, the truth about Kyle Rittenhouse will be told in 11 minutes. Every lie will be revealed. Please share thIs notice. The truth will not be censored. #FightBack for Truth & Kyle

+23k 1.2m views Nov 26th, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving. I give thanks today for family, freedom & faith. Our forefathers fought a war for our freedom. Then a war for our unity. We are now embarking on a war for our freedom & our unity. This will not be easy, it will be hard. It will be worth the hardships in order to give our children & their children the blessing of freedom. Stay steady. Be kind to others. Maintain your faith in God. We shall prevail. ❤️

+12k 700k views Dec 10th, 2020

Half of country does not know TRUTH of the 11/3 election. They are being brainwashed by mainstream media. Share this interview far & wide. SEND THE MESSAGE PATRIOTS!

+1.3k 93k views Nov 2nd, 2020

KYLE RITTENHOUSE UPDATE I just spoke by phone with Kyle from Kenosha Jail. Court refused to lower $2M bail. Kyle asked me to thank ALL who have donated, said he was praying for his supporters & asked that you stay strong. Remarkable boy. Thinking of others ahead of himself. We are still short $600K for the $2M bail. Please help this brave boy. FightBack.law/donate

+18k 1.2m views Nov 28th, 2020

Are Georgia taxpayers curious as to how GA Governor Brian Kemp was able to pay off millions of dollars in personal debt AFTER he was elected Governor or is it just me? GA Patriots need to demand answers & action. Enough is enough.

+1.3k 60k views Sep 11th, 2020

Be vigilant as many powerful & wealthy bad actors actively seek to trample our Constitutional rights to control us for their gain. They need to be reminded that they have no power over We The People. Freedom Loving Americans shall prevail. Speak truth. Be fearless. #FightBack

+7.1k 819k views Nov 29th, 2020

What??? Judge reversed order based on Defendants’ claim that GA Counties control voting machines. Machines are owned by State & @GaSecofState administers state laws on elections. Why are GA officials determined to wipe these machines clean by re-setting them?

+37k 5m views Jan 7th, 2021

The traitors stages the whole event. They all have blood on their hands.

+6.4k 658k views Nov 14th, 2020

When AP, PolitiFact, AP, & NY Times report that Dominion Machines & software did not affect any vote tallies, We The People know for a FACT that the opposite is true. Dominion was part of the FRAUD.

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+6.5k 350k views Nov 13th, 2020

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke

+2.1k 156k views Nov 8th, 2020

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” -William Casey, Former Director of CIA THINK FOR YOURSELF. YOUR FREEDOM DEPENDS ON IT. BE WISE.

+2.9k 127k views Nov 5th, 2020

We should ALL pray for the health & safety of President Trump & his family. #Fightback for Our Liberty

+2.6k 159k views Nov 8th, 2020

Saturday night is usually a good night for entertainment & some laughter. With that thought in mind, I decided to watch Fox News. While watching the well-rehearsed & leftist-produced version of Saturday Night Live, I kept thinking: A lie repeated 1000 times is still a lie. www.FightBack.law

+14k 946k views Nov 14th, 2020

A sea of We The People demanding justice. America is a Nation Under God. I love America. I love God.

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