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+41 Nov 7th, 2020

Can you fix Rumble so it shows clearly how long each video is, how much time is left until the end? This basic functionality is missing when I watch Rumble videos on Parler. It seems to only tell how many minutes into the video you are, without the other important information.

+30 Dec 17th, 2020

Lin Wood is an expert in libel and defamation law. He is daring them to sue him, which they won't do if they can't survive discovery. If they don't sue under these circumstances that itself is strong evidence that what he's saying is true.

+27 Jul 11th, 2020

Shame on Utah voters for allowing this dishonorable clown to carpet bag his way back into the Senate.

+26 Jan 7th, 2021

The GOP is dead. It could have been the DNC that died this year, but the GOP hated Trump so much that they helped the DNC steal the election. And that's how when they were on the brink of destroying their historic "enemy" they destroyed themselves instead.

+25 Nov 7th, 2020

It gets slower and slower the closer Trump gets to victory, pretty soon they'll probably have to do a "pause" on it so they can find 100,000 fresh Biden ballots like those other states Trump was about to win. I truly hope that at the end of the day a lot of these criminals go to prison over their vote fraud attempts. Should be 10 year minimum sentence.

+24 Aug 23th, 2020

"Cops are just standing there, not helping me, all i did was spend 70 days chanting "all cops are bastards", calling them pigs, throwing rocks at them, shining lasers in their eyes, barricading them inside buildings and trying to burn the buildings down, spraying piss all over them with squirt guns, BUT NOW THEY DON'T WANT TO EVEN HELP ME!!" Unbelievable.

+24 -1 Nov 15th, 2020

The government could also stop them if agencies like FBI and DOJ simply did their jobs. Too bad we don't have rule of law in this nation anymore. #democratthings

+22 -1 Sep 16th, 2020

They know he means it too. That's called leadership.

+21 Nov 26th, 2020

Trump DOJ will not do anything. Patriots need to stand behind Trump for the election, but we also need to start demanding action. If Barr and other attorneys at DOJ cannot or will not do their jobs then fire them and hire ones who can. Would have been nice if this happened a couple years ago though....

+22 -1 Aug 28th, 2020

"took a while", lol Hey CNN paid media liar, how about you describe the real plan: point out the plain simple truths about Biden and the Democrat party. Truth speaks louder than your lies, soon you will realize that. You overplayed your hand by a wide margin.

+21 Sep 6th, 2020

When I read the Mattis letter in The Atlantic, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was essentially open treason against the President and the USA. The fact there were not immediate repercussions proved this treason is deep seated in our halls of power. Decent people everywhere must prepare to stand against this globalist evil. Globalists are starting to realize they are facing a landslide in November, not only for Trump but for Republicans across the board. Even though many of them are Republicans themselves, like Romney, that landslide would devastate their plans. They will try to find a way to take decisive action before then.

+20 Oct 18th, 2020

More people are waking up every day to the fact that the "media" are nothing but globalist propaganda mouthpieces that are literally the enemies of humanity. These globalists thought they would rule the world as new kings and queens, and for a couple of decades they sort of did. But most people aren't evil like they are. Their illegitimate reign is coming crashing to an end. And the reverberance of that fall will be heard throughout all the books of history.

+19 Aug 31th, 2020

If the school's not open the teachers sure as hell shouldn't get paid!

+18 Dec 21th, 2020

It makes me sick that these dishonest, dishonorable, asshole reporters are even allowed to be at the White House. It is a negative contribution to our republic, our society, and to what little remains of our legitimate press.

+18 Dec 22th, 2020

This whole bill needs to be rolled into a giant roll and shoved right up Congress' rectum. What a travesty!

+18 Dec 1st, 2020

It was laughable how they slowed down counting ballots to a trickle for many days to ensure they could fraud enough votes for Biden. This election is a complete embarrassment for America. And if it doesn't get fixed that's the end of America.

+18 Dec 19th, 2020

Sure hope so. Trump obviously won the election based on legitimate votes, so I support any actions at this point that are necessary for him to secure that victory. And China cannot be allowed to take over this nation. Our rights and liberties have been usurped and are about to be gone forever. This is the hill to die on.

+17 Jan 3rd, 2021

That's not a Republican, that's a traitor.

+18 -1 Dec 15th, 2020

Okay, isn't this just the file directory of the wikileaks document files? I don't think there is anything new? People said the Steve Jobs HIV thing is new, but it's not, you can find it searching on their website. (It also looks fake as hell, but Wikileaks don't claim it is authentic they call it 'purported'.) So these documents ARE super cool and most of them are authentic, because they are all the documents that Wikileaks already released. If there's actually something new here please correct me.

+17 Oct 7th, 2020

I'll like it better if it actually happens.

+17 Oct 12th, 2020

Are there even enough jail beds for that many DEMOCRATS??

+16 Oct 3rd, 2020

Sullivan should serve time in prison, this abuse of authority is outrageous!

+16 Aug 15th, 2020

They are liars with no integrity and need to be constantly called out and treated as such. Like all psychopathic narcissists they accuse others of what they are guilty of, we need to as a society stop playing the sucker's game and just call them out as the dishonest bad actors that they are. You cannot have reasonable interaction with people acting in bad faith, you simply have to recognize what they are and act accordingly.

+15 Dec 4th, 2020

RNC is trash and they are trying to get rid of Trump in case anyone can't figure out what is going on in Georgia. STOP THE STEAL!!

+15 Dec 4th, 2020

Truth! Cheaters always assume that if they lose the other guy must have cheated even more.

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