Trump supporter and all round good guy

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+65 -3 Nov 27th, 2020

They fully understand it, they are controlling it

+35 Jul 9th, 2020

I wouldn’t be a cop there

+34 Nov 20th, 2020

Deep state is more corrupt than anyone imagined

+27 Nov 14th, 2020

California will soon be overrun by illegals ,thanks democrats

+25 Nov 5th, 2020

The beginning of the end for this once great country

+24 Aug 27th, 2020

Well what do you know,cops are right again

+23 Aug 26th, 2020

Stop ignoring your brother killed 14,000 people in nursing homes

+22 Oct 30th, 2020

Are we ever going to fight back against these traitorous terrorists?

+21 Nov 27th, 2020

If we hand the country over to the left wing loonies ,I don’t know if there will be anything left by 2024

+20 Dec 14th, 2020

Bush gave us Obama

+22 -3 Nov 4th, 2020

And now they are cashing in

+19 Oct 12th, 2020

Richest people in my state are government employees-NY. Cuomo is worth 550 million dollars,all acquired while being governor

+18 Nov 17th, 2020

Can we use it on Antifa?

+18 Oct 21th, 2020

I see the makings of a good movie

+18 Sep 16th, 2020

Done with Facebook,can’t post free speech thoughts

+17 Oct 3rd, 2020

Republicans are being infected by deep state, too much of a coincidence that they all get sick at once

+17 Oct 1st, 2020

It’s going to be against the law to be a Republican

+17 Nov 24th, 2020

We didn’t forget to vote

+18 -2 Nov 25th, 2020

Keep the citizens too stoned to see what is going on in their government

+16 Dec 3rd, 2020

Everyone knows Trump won now what the hell are we going to do about it?

+16 Nov 19th, 2020

The people in press conference today nailed it. They told the criminal media that they wouldn’t show the American voters what really went down in the election. Just watched NBC news and they slandered the message 100%. The media in this country will facilitate the fall of the Republic

+15 Dec 15th, 2020

FBI works for China

+15 Nov 17th, 2020

Democrats are panicking,using covid scare to shut down the country and the investigation

+16 -1 Nov 15th, 2020

Attacked by blm scum

+15 Oct 11th, 2020

Couldn’t post this on Facebook because they said others viewed it as abusive

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