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+21 -2 Dec 2nd, 2020

Organized crime syndicate is pathetic !! This BS election will Not be excepted !! Goes to congress then to states or we have no law no constitution and then there’ll be war !! Thanks to our failed Justice department. America is Selective law selective corruption !! Pathetic !!’

+13 -2 Dec 7th, 2020

God bless Netanyahu

+12 -2 Nov 29th, 2020

First we need the false info deep state scum prosecuted !! The greatest threat to our world is the underhanded globalist scum !!!

+29 -2 Dec 12th, 2020

Trump charged with fraudulent Russian collusion fraud by our DOJ then robbed of an election by total fraud and organized crime syndicate Democrats and our worthless DOJ

+179 -2 Nov 11th, 2020

Trump won and we will never stop fighting

+46 -2 Nov 22th, 2020

The lying propaganda garbage media needs destroyed the monopoly of propaganda manipulation is absurd

+8 -1 Nov 12th, 2020

Biden’s a lying pos criminal and should be in prison !!! Funny how our totally corrupted lying congress fabricated charges on Trump That Biden did everyone of !! Including Logan act !!

+6 -1 Dec 14th, 2020

Supreme Court now sells out America !!

+9 -1 Dec 14th, 2020

John Roberts has been compromised for years !! Look on Epstein flight logs !!why would a Supreme Court Justice be on pedaphile island !! Save the children know what’s up !!

+14 -1 Dec 8th, 2020

Thousands of doctors have came forward and said the lockdowns and masks biggest fraud perpetrated on the world !! This pandemic was purposely released as already proved by the doctors that defected !! Democrats and China planned all this !!! Russian collusion fraud coup was just a warm up !!

+8 -1 Nov 29th, 2020

Tables are turning and the politicians are realizing the majority of the country is done with total corruption and propaganda manipulation fraudulent manipulation media

+4 -1 Dec 9th, 2020

Biden’s a lying pos criminal and nothing else !!

+2 -1 Dec 25th, 2020

Biden’s a lying pos criminal !!! Our congress and DOJ has gone to total corruption and organized crime syndicate Demacrat scum

+2 -1 Nov 11th, 2020

Sean the same AG that did nothing for a coup nothing for weaponized government nothing for Mueller fraud nothing on organized crime propaganda manipulation of America !! Election tampering like we’ve never seen FB. Twitter you tube all election tampered !! Mainstream. Media including Fox election tampered !! Chris Wallace took a historical position and turned it into a leftest bias joke his election tampering in a debate should have put him in Prison !!

+11 -1 Dec 22th, 2020

Democrats erasing our history what a joke

+10 -1 Dec 13th, 2020

Democrats street terrorist !! Our cops in America deserve so much more !!!

+7 -1 Dec 10th, 2020

PA is taking an election from America !! These corrupted lying scumbags should be hung for treason !! PA corrupted scum act as if it’s there state ! It isn’t it’s all America being defrauded in PA

+2 -1 Dec 16th, 2020

Definitely a war !! Americans will not accept another Coup

+5 -1 Nov 20th, 2020

When’s the Epstein island scum going down ???? Where’s Clintons being arrested

+4 -1 Nov 21th, 2020

No it was treason and the lying treasonous scum is part Of Democrats wanting White House back how pathetic

+4 -1 Nov 21th, 2020

The machine was incapable of counting those ridiculous add ones !! Very clearly fraud ! Who ever was on the machine altering votes should be in prison

+14 -1 Nov 29th, 2020

Biden’s a proven lying cheating pos

+5 -1 Dec 21th, 2020

Every GOP should or be removed

-1 Dec 20th, 2020

He’s a fraud and not our President !!!

+9 -1 Nov 29th, 2020

Sickening corruption !! Please DOD save America

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