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+2 Nov 8th, 2020

I am making the switch here. I also removed Facebook for now as this election.. Tsunamibob

+2 Jan 8th, 2021

This is beyond insanity here comes the real hell.. Higher taxes.. Higher fuel and food. Less wages. And be a good little boy on your knees for your rulers.. Lockdowns the whole shit show..

+1 Nov 20th, 2020

I don't see that Tucker has turned on anything. He has stated he went for information and was denied. I think he is just stating that the story seems huge and hard to prove. Today's news conference did not instill confidence for myself. So many moving parts and how much time do they have to prove all of this.

Nov 11th, 2020

Ask siri who the President is lol it does not say BIden.