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+225 -1 Dec 12th, 2020

Are they anti-China and pro USA production of products? Make them here, or America disappears.

+102 Nov 14th, 2020


+59 -1 Oct 29th, 2020

As police end up in the hospital.

+47 Aug 11th, 2020

Sweden protected the elderly, and kept the country open. What’s so difficult about that Fauci? How did we allow one man to have so much power?

+41 Dec 27th, 2020

Is the FBI still analyzing the NASCAR garage door pull?

+39 Dec 29th, 2019

Governor Cooper only gets re-elected in a rigged system. He has a dozen sheriffs around the state that refuse to cooperate with ICE.

+31 Sep 23th, 2020

Militias will be needed after the election is stolen.

+27 Jan 8th, 2021

I’m done with the Republican Party. The Constitution Party is active in my state. If a new America First Party is formed, I’ll sign up.

+23 Sep 5th, 2020

The Democrats have been cheating since Reconstruction.

+23 Oct 31th, 2020

Kyle being used as an example of what they plan to do to all of us if we dare to defend ourselves.

+21 Dec 13th, 2020

SCOTUS inaction recently is a message that America is no longer a Nation of Laws.

+21 Apr 7th, 2020

How stupid is a state that elected Black Faced Infanticide. Was it fraudulent votes? The State of Lunatics? Government workers?

+28 -7 Nov 10th, 2020

Keep Barr out. Do you really trust the DOJ?

+21 Sep 29th, 2020

People really don’t know who they are voting for before the debates? It’s America vs China.

+21 Jul 13th, 2020

And Obama refused to pay for 17 parking tickets In Cambridge and Somerville from his college years until he ran for President, then someone else probably paid.

+20 Nov 14th, 2020

What is your source?

+20 Nov 15th, 2020

George Floyd died of a drug overdose. The officer had been trained to use that neck move in cases like this. The same technique had been used hundreds of times previously by the Minneapolis police, with no deaths. George Floyd killed George Floyd! I deal with facts, not just feelings.

+20 Sep 25th, 2020

Collins just got herself defeated.

+19 Dec 4th, 2020

Remember all those Polish jokes? Who’s laughing now?

+19 Jan 5th, 2021

Who’s funding them? The FBI knows.

+18 Dec 1st, 2020

Link to story?

+19 -1 Sep 21th, 2020

If only Clarence could be cloned.

+18 -1 Dec 4th, 2020

Can she snitch on white people?

+17 Dec 28th, 2020

Sounds like Trump will sign it hoping Congress will do the changes. These politicians aren’t doing you any favors Mr. President. They want you out so they can continue their corrupt ways.

+17 Dec 15th, 2020

That should happen to Antifa and BLM when they riot and loot. Send them home in body bags.

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