Army veteran, and I am currently working in the mine services industry in N.E. Nevada.

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+36 Sep 19th, 2020

I have an open relationship with all my girls... here is my road trip quartet

+21 Sep 26th, 2020

She tells it strait... my condolences to this woman and her family. These "mostly peaceful" riots are killing more innocent black people in a span of a few months then cops have in a span of years.

+9 Jul 20th, 2020

Gotta love his passion!

+8 Jul 12th, 2020

Fact check... The Eagle has been a historically based symbol of Valor... the earliest example that pops to the top of my head is the guidon or standard of a Roman Legion

+8 Nov 1st, 2020

Drilling down to the truth... Trump 2020!

+7 Sep 16th, 2020

From an old US Army combat engineer... I agree with everything my US Marine brother in arms just said! But let me say my thoughts on the matter in a very simple statement that even an NFL player can comprehend... Fuck The NFL and all the overpaid and the un-American asshats that play the silly game.

+6 Sep 17th, 2020

What the hell is a "Libertarian Socialist"?!?

+5 Sep 15th, 2020


+3 Sep 23th, 2020

This guy... what a tool, and he was a "republican"... I hope he is investigated.

+3 Jun 28th, 2020

I collect and shoot firearms... just had a mini range day this morning. Have to save ammo a bit right now, supplies being what they are. Still dropped about 100 rds of 5.56 out of my AR pistol and 150 rds of 9mm out of my CZ Scorpion and P-09... Good Day to be free.

+3 Jun 30th, 2020

Oh my goodness... somebody has got a case of the "Im a tough Snowflake"... isn't it cute how she threatens violent bloodletting in response to words... Words people, geez

+3 Nov 18th, 2020

This is what Pres. Trump has been fighting here, it is a major ongoing worldwide crime.

+3 Jun 27th, 2020

That is not cool... these "guys" were not raised well

+3 Sep 18th, 2020

Do I detect a little sarcasm maybe?

+3 Oct 29th, 2020

Click what to enter?

+3 Sep 23th, 2020

Their religion is the problem, it has never been systematically reformed to reflect modern norms, unlike the two other major world-wide religions. Their faith still accepts: 1. The marriage of girls as young as 9-10 to adult males 2. Man-boy pedophilia is normalized, yet calls for the killing of adult homosexuals 3. The literal enslavement of non-Muslims 4. Treating their women no better than breeding stock 5. The murder of anyone leaving the faith (apostates) 6. The murder of "infidels" (nonbelievers) 7. The murder of female family members who bring dishonor to the family (honor killing) The list of disreputable acts and traits of this vile Murder Cult is longer than this, but that is a quick overview

+3 Sep 17th, 2020

This is generally what happens when someone with guns takes an inexperienced person shooting for the first time and doesn't give proper instructions on the proper use of the firearm, or worse they give said inexperienced shooter a firearm that is too powerful for the shooter to handle safely. Either case it is not a good look for the 2A community. That being said, some of these are probably asshats that are showing off and should know better. Anyway one slices it... "They are a Failure at this station"

+3 Sep 27th, 2020

@Mikewin Yet the BLM focuses on 13 killed by police in a freak'n year

+2 Sep 22th, 2020

@Jarhead That's it! PFC Cookie Monster... WOW You know for a Marine you are pretty sharp.

+2 Sep 22th, 2020

Oh... that is... a genius idea! Loving It!!

+2 Aug 23th, 2020

It was my pleasure and honor to serve. Thank you for your kind words.

+2 Sep 18th, 2020

BLM asshats actually protested the store after the video surfaced, here is the story in the Georgetowner newspaper:

+2 Sep 18th, 2020

@Garysplace101 Ok, I was just pointing out a phenomonum that is prevalent in some circles, and it sucks when people hurt themselves do to inadequate training. I shot with my dad as well, .22s to 12ga., he was very patient and taught me alot... good memories those.

+1 Aug 22th, 2020

Just a Robot did a video about this, and had the longer video... and it even worse at the end the "mother" tells her other son to join the "Trump lover" when he doesn'twant his brother left on a street corner... here is a link to it:

+1 Sep 18th, 2020

@Rooster5333 You caught that... I couldn't help myself really.

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