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+145 Dec 8th, 2020

I am still buying a lot more Goya!

+78 Dec 11th, 2020

Hopefully this will force some audits!

+74 Dec 8th, 2020

How is that legal?

+73 Dec 24th, 2020

This is great! Its scary to think how this would be handled under a Biden administration.

+74 -2 Dec 20th, 2020

Let's see an investigation!

+70 Dec 24th, 2020

It isn't canceled for me! Celebrating with family!

+68 Nov 15th, 2020

A few years ago, I searched for and found ISIS recruiting profiles on Facebook. They had some pretty terrible stuff on their pages. I reported them. Facebook contacted me a couple days later and told me that if I was offended by the content, I should just block these users. It's amazing how unwilling they were to take action against mass murdering jihadists but so quick to act against political rivals.

+66 Dec 20th, 2020

Honeymoon between the dnc establishment and leftist extremists is over. The extremists were used.

+58 Dec 29th, 2020

I thought we elected representatives, not rulers.

+53 Dec 29th, 2020

Well deserved!

+40 Nov 25th, 2020

Everything is pointing to things going down next week!

+41 -1 Dec 29th, 2020

Just wait. They will find a dump of votes for Biden.

+37 Dec 10th, 2020

But they told us that defunding the police didn't really mean defunding.

+34 Dec 8th, 2020

@ImmanuelKann My immediate concern following this is that it is just a glimpse of what we would see with a stacked Supreme Court, filled with activist judges.

+31 Dec 29th, 2020

They will take a hit as company shares are sold off to China.

+29 Dec 29th, 2020

They will find other ways to stay in DC.

+27 Dec 4th, 2020

You know this was happening in all the battleground states...

+27 Dec 29th, 2020

Wait. They might find 1.2 billion more votes for Biden.

+27 Dec 29th, 2020

This is great. Come on Pence!!

+23 Dec 24th, 2020

Obama's was the most corrupt administration in our history.

+22 -1 Dec 8th, 2020

Voter suppression!

+21 Dec 6th, 2020

It's amazing how much he accomplished while constantly attacked and investigated. Hope to see what he can do with another 4!

+19 Dec 1st, 2020

Can't believe they certified during the hearings. What a disregard for integrity.

+19 Dec 11th, 2020

Especially with new tech being used. I don't want to be experimented on with mrna.

+20 -1 Dec 24th, 2020

Without a doubt!

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