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+78 Nov 26th, 2020

If ever there was a building that needed to be blown up when full its the D.C. FBI Headquarters ! FBI ! HUH ! KISS MY ASS !

+71 -1 Oct 5th, 2020

I just don't see anyone being brought to justice and wish and hope I am wrong !

+69 -1 Nov 8th, 2020

That's nothing compared to what's coming wait and see.

+67 -3 Sep 17th, 2020

Well I am no fool so I could careless what Facebook has to say in fact I would take the word of a crack dealer before Facebook ! to far beneath me to even bother.

+56 -2 May 31th, 2020

People like him there is a way of removing such problems 9mm

+55 -1 Sep 18th, 2020

He was turned in I say this once a day.

+48 Jul 15th, 2020


+47 -1 Oct 8th, 2020

And a democrat killed Lincoln Pence should of thrown that out there.

+44 Nov 20th, 2020

You can't find a politician worth shit anymore we only have one man to trust and he's not a politician thank God ! *TRUMP* Soldier of God !!

+47 -3 Nov 10th, 2020

What pathetic laughing stock America is at this moment ! countries are saying these idiots can land on the moon but can't hold an election !

+44 Jun 7th, 2020

God bless you for trying but the ones who may vote Republican are staying in the closet.

+43 Oct 8th, 2020

We already know Wray is gone right after the election

+38 Sep 2nd, 2020

Government needs to just keep their asses in Washington and out of our business we need to get rid of 50% of government.

+37 Jun 8th, 2020

Have to admit seeing a veteran like myself punch her right in the damn face then kick her in the ass all the down the street would be kinda funny !

+33 Oct 20th, 2020

One thing I know for sure muting the mic will not stop Trump his voice is a mic.

+34 -2 Dec 3rd, 2020

ADORABLE ! THATS MY PATHETIC AMERICA ! I have lead in my body and a Purple Heart on my wall and it means nothing now may just toss it in the fireplace today !

+30 Sep 6th, 2020

I have faith and at some point they will have to go to surrender or die only time will tell and Goodness always conquers evil....

+30 -1 Nov 8th, 2020

Big tech my ass ! any idiot still on Twitter or Facebook deserves to be treated like shit they outright ask for it ! get millions all at once to delete accounts and the stock will crash ! FACT !

+30 -1 Mar 20th, 2020

God Bless him so much and he will be a very good man one day thanks to some good upbringing !

+27 Aug 4th, 2020

Just had a democrat at work bitching to me the other day about how hard it is to get a gun he knows I conceal carry and he said to much bullshit and reminded him last year he was bitching we need stricter gun laws !

+26 Jul 23th, 2020

Holy Christ !!! Hope someone gets him before police and that means not court date needed sorry but no cure for a savage LEAD IN THE HEAD.

+25 Jul 24th, 2020

No one should be able to serve in any government office if not born in America not even dog catcher and 2 term limit for all same as presidency. END OF STORY.

+26 -1 Jan 19th, 2020

Never understand a worthless POS like her who is willing to gamble with the lives of victims just to hate and make Trump look bad just pure uneducated ignorance.,

+24 Jul 24th, 2020

What's Twitter ???

+24 Oct 24th, 2020

Biden isn't ready for Biden !

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