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Congresswoman-Elect for CO-03. Owner of @ShootersGrill. I’m the mom who told Beto HELL NO you’re not taking our guns! #FREEDOM Https://

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+5k 228k views Nov 21th, 2020

Giving Andrew Cuomo an Emmy is the equivalent of giving Hannibal Lecter the Nobel Peace Prize.

+1.2k 161k views Aug 7th, 2020

Patriots need to step up to defend this nation or we will lose it to radical socialists.

+665 161k views Aug 7th, 2020

This is not an attack on the @NRA. This is an attack on the American people. #DontTreadOnMe

+3.5k 110k views Dec 24th, 2020

Guided by the US Constitution and my responsibility to my constituents, I will object to the Electoral College results on January 6th.

+2.5k 109k views Dec 7th, 2020

The first three words of the Constitution are “We the People”, not “We the Government”.

+4.1k 107k views Dec 24th, 2020

I am very tired of hearing about fixing election fraud going forward. An election just happened. There was fraud. Fix that one first!

+1.6k 94k views Dec 12th, 2020

Joe Biden wants to put AR-15 owners on federal lists, submit fingerprints & photos, endure extra background checks and pay a $200 tax for the “privilege” to continue owning guns. It is not a privilege. It is a right.

+738 87k views Nov 9th, 2020

I hope the media is getting ready for their Steve Harvey moment.

+1.6k 87k views Dec 6th, 2020

The fight for freedom never ended, some of us just got too comfortable being told how to live life. The determination of 1776 has been reignited.

+1.1k 83k views Nov 14th, 2020

The People’s House!

+1.2k 82k views Dec 12th, 2020

The Supreme Court does not decide the winner of the election.

+2.1k 79k views Dec 12th, 2020

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” - Ronald Reagan We are that generation.

+3.2k 79k views Dec 31th, 2020

I am proud to announce that when I am sworn in next week I will be joining the House Freedom Caucus.

+2.3k 78k views Dec 30th, 2020

The United States of America is spending $27,397 each day on gender programs in Pakistan. Am I the only one who sees how insane that is?

+2.3k 77k views Dec 16th, 2020

Besides the video footage, voice recordings, data analysis, statistical impossibilities, sworn affidavits and eyewitness testimony there is absolutely no evidence of voter fraud.

+732 77k views Dec 7th, 2020

Joe Biden has nominated an EXTREMIST for HHS Secretary. Xavier Becerra voted for partial birth abortion, demanded pro-life crisis pregnancy centers promote abortion as an option & went after journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s baby-part selling. This cannot stand.

+1.3k 74k views Dec 8th, 2020

The Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, are now openly admitting that they held up COVID-19 relief to spite the President. They played politics with our lives. Small businesses went bankrupt, suicide rates went sky high & people lost their livelihoods. Pelosi snacked on $20 ice cream and laughed at our pain. Absolutely sick!

+830 73k views Dec 9th, 2020

Meeting with our President a few days ago in the Oval Office. It was amazing! A year ago I announced that I was going to join the fight for freedom and prosperity. I can't ever thank you enough for believing in me, supporting me, and giving me the opportunity to represent us.

+1.4k 72k views Dec 1st, 2020

Given Biden’s 80,000,000 votes, one would assume that there was a Democrat avalanche in the House and Senate... Yet Republicans GAINED significant ground in the House & are expected to hold the Senate! Why weren’t the down-ballot Democrats carried in on Biden’s “momentum”?

+1k 71k views Nov 29th, 2020

I just observed two women complimenting each other’s perfume. They were both wearing masks...

+133 67k views Sep 4th, 2020

I’m fed up with far-left Washington politicians. Check out my new TV ad debuting in Colorado’s 3rd today. My opponent just bought nearly $2 million in TV ads, so I need YOUR help to blanket the airwaves with this. Pitch in $10, $15 or $25 today!

+1.3k 66k views Dec 26th, 2020

The more we hear about Ossoff & Warnock the more we know that these socialists are dangerous for our country & would send us down a nasty path. If we lose the Senate we lose everything. January 5th is coming up, pitch in today to help the GOP #HoldTheLine!

+321 65k views Aug 23th, 2020

Happy to finally meet @CawthornforNC & get to go over our big plans for helping set this country on the right path in January! We are the next generation of conservative leadership.

+1.3k 64k views Nov 15th, 2020

Heroin and cocaine are now legal in Oregon but plastic straws aren’t. Liberalism blows.

+1.5k 62k views Nov 21th, 2020

No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, spending a few weeks to ensure that our voting system is without fraud is not a waste of time. If you can’t agree with that, you must have something to gain by the system being susceptible to fraud.

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