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+298 -2 Nov 22th, 2020

Everything is just fine. Sidney has been an independent lawyer from day 1. This is formality. She is about to drop something big in GA this week.

+172 Nov 9th, 2020

Hammer used against Trump in Pennsylvania. Check video on my page. Crooked election

+120 Nov 10th, 2020

Epic response. Cheaters have not won anything yet

+98 Nov 9th, 2020

White democrats will learn the hard way

+73 Nov 26th, 2020

Trump and others need to ditch twitter and join Parler. It will happen eventually

+66 Nov 27th, 2020

Congrats Wiz! Ive been following since August, you provide awesome analysis and you are spot on. Keep up the great work. MAGA

+65 Nov 16th, 2020

Worst president. Most divisive president ever

+60 -1 Nov 13th, 2020

Democrats are fucking communist. Its not even funny anymore

+51 Jan 6th, 2021

When rule of law is not upheld, founding fathers also fought with violence. BURN THE PLACE DOWN

+46 Nov 26th, 2020

Kraken was released in GA and MI. Sidney joined efforts in MI with Lin Wood. Great patriots

+45 -2 Nov 10th, 2020

Trump needs to file lawsuits in NC too. Doesnt take a week to count 100k votes

+43 Nov 20th, 2020

People need to stand up and fight this by the millions

+41 Aug 25th, 2020

Yes! From FL

+41 Oct 20th, 2020

Im hearing FL is safe. AZ looks good for Trump. NC should be okay. MN is being kept secret

+40 Dec 10th, 2020

And transgenders have a high suicide rates. Sad. Thanks liberals for brainwashing people

+38 Dec 2nd, 2020

Democrat in sheeps clothing

+38 -1 Nov 6th, 2020

Im hearing from source that PA house and Senate want to audit the election. The PA election

+35 Jan 7th, 2021

Losers. They were never with Trump

+34 -1 Jan 7th, 2021

This is one guy that didnt have Trump fire in him. Weak and incompetent

+32 Nov 26th, 2020

And she also released Kraken in Michigan alongside @linwood

+34 -2 Nov 9th, 2020

I am rooting for MAGA to pull off a win in this election

+30 Jan 7th, 2021

Dont do business with Shopify

+29 Jul 24th, 2020

I think he will win PA FL NC MI again. Dont listen to the fake polls

+28 Nov 25th, 2020

I think evidence powell and Trump team has is much more than what we are seeing right now. I predict explosive evidence

+29 -1 Jan 7th, 2021

We can thank Piece of shit Pence. He is no man of God

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