Trump Greatest President Ever! Greatest part of being a women is carrying a child! Mother of 3 and grandmother of 7! Never back down this fight is far from over! God Bless the ����

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+280 -1 Dec 13th, 2020

Greatest President Ever

+130 -1 Dec 15th, 2020

A great Patriot

+98 Jan 1st, 2021

I am sure all 80 million of us Patriots agree

+91 Dec 21th, 2020

He knew something

+88 Jan 3rd, 2021

Prayers for the family

+85 -1 Dec 12th, 2020

Who says he is going out the door

+82 Dec 5th, 2020

Still not wearing one

+82 Dec 29th, 2020

No shock there he would rather give out Billions in special interest so he can make more money

+82 -1 Dec 30th, 2020

Mitch needs to go

+79 Dec 12th, 2020

Never surrender

+75 -2 Dec 13th, 2020

They are the best

+71 -2 Dec 26th, 2020

It is becoming more and more clearer that Biden can’t be allowed to take office

+69 Dec 6th, 2020

She is a crook! I think she might want to think about singing

+65 Nov 27th, 2020

They also won’t discuss Obamagate

+64 Dec 24th, 2020

We are coming

+65 -1 Dec 12th, 2020

Prayers and God be with Sydney

+63 Dec 26th, 2020

What a nut case

+62 Dec 24th, 2020

Time for them to go

+62 Dec 22th, 2020

Must be Vetoed

+62 -1 Dec 11th, 2020

Of course it did because the majority of the test are designed to test positive to keep the Sheeple under control

+59 Nov 29th, 2020

Prayers for the soldiers families

+60 -1 Dec 28th, 2020

We can never stop fighting for him because he never stops fighting for us

+59 Jan 3rd, 2021

Absolutely! She needs to be voted out

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