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+136 -1 Nov 21th, 2020

Yahoo is leftist dumpster garbage. Don't bother clicking on them.

+67 Dec 13th, 2020

They are domestic terrorists.

+56 Nov 22th, 2020

I'm reading some opinions that she wants to bring this forward on behalf of " we the people", as opposed to POTUS alone... Having 70 + million complaintants might be better ...?

+46 -1 Dec 3rd, 2020

I'm so disappointed. I fear he is the swamp

+41 Nov 18th, 2020

The little twit is a globalist puppet

+39 -1 Nov 16th, 2020

I can't stand to even look at that vile thing

+38 -1 Nov 14th, 2020

I never loved a president more ! In fact I don't think I ever really loved a president at all

+38 -1 Dec 3rd, 2020

I read earlier that Obama also didn't want them to use the phrase 'defund the police'. so basically he's telling them to mask their true intent. And that's what his whole 8 years was about. Undoubtedly, before that & since as well

+36 Dec 26th, 2020

And at least 80 Million US citizens don't want him to concede, ever..

+34 -1 Nov 20th, 2020

For Krebs to say that the election was the most secure in US history, shows clearly where his loyalty lies !

+24 Jan 5th, 2021

Vernon Jones is a Patriot !

+22 Jan 3rd, 2021

And yet somehow, blm & antifa were able to commit their destruction and Mayhem all summer without much interference ! Go figure

+21 Dec 23th, 2020

It's a money laundering situation, where they take our tax money give it to Kennedy & Smithsonian, who funds it back to the Democrats & Rinos the TRAITORS.

+20 Jan 3rd, 2021

I believe the globalists' aim is to destroy Western culture, faith Family and patriotism, because We are standing in the way of their NWO agenda. it's pretty clear to me

+19 Dec 31th, 2020

Hold the line Patriots ! All it takes for me to try to stay strong, is thinking of everything Trump gave up, & what he is fighting for !

+19 -1 Nov 15th, 2020

Your profile says 'former' Trump supporter ... what happened to you Dillon. ? and if you feel that way, why don't you go back to Twitter and Facebook where the rest of the sheep are ? What possible effect do you think you are going to have here.

+18 Dec 29th, 2020

CIA operations and false Flags always seem to snag some person homeless & maybe MK Ultra'd , use them for the events and then they of course die.... This is happened quite a bit

+18 Dec 23th, 2020

Off topic, but when we got our first TV, my father called it the idiot box. NOW I know what he meant !

+19 -1 Nov 15th, 2020

I saw an article this morning by the American Thinker. Apparently Trump saw this coming and created an executive order a couple of years ago regarding penalties for being involved in election fraud....

+17 Nov 21th, 2020

Strange how they put a 2 million bond on someone who was defending himself, but they let antifa & blm terrorists skip out of jail all the time ..

+17 Jan 6th, 2021

I would LOVE to see Abrams in handcuffs ! I hope she goes down someday... hard.

+17 Jan 8th, 2021

80 Million + Patriots must vote every traitorous Rino OUT. We need to start a Patriot party.

+16 Jan 4th, 2021

They want truthers, people searching for answers on social media, to be perceived as conspiracy theorists. they want everyone to believe their own propaganda narrative. & sadly there are too many imbeciles who do

+16 Dec 26th, 2020

President Trump, Mark Levin & Dan Bongino the Three Musketeers. They are Heroes, & Fighters !

+15 Dec 24th, 2020

I'd love it if we started a new party. not donkey not elephant but lion! a party of Patriots over 80 Million strong

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