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+53 Nov 18th, 2020

Fuck THEM!

+34 Aug 19th, 2020

Fuck you LeBron James you piece of shit.

+33 Nov 16th, 2020

That stupid bitch didn't even skip a beat after PRESIDENT Trump said they were the ones the media and even you tried to take me down. I just want a clean election..... Never gonna happen with Democrats around. #FuckAllDemocrats4Ever

+33 -1 Sep 26th, 2020


+23 Aug 24th, 2020

Great Loved that! Had ta watchit twice.

+24 -1 Nov 28th, 2020

If you wanna see how General Flynn was screwed by an ungrateful Nation. This should have never happened or happen again to another American!

+22 Aug 31th, 2020

Way to go Snohomish I'm here in Island County.

+21 Sep 23th, 2020

That was a gteat segment from Tucker Carlson.

+21 Nov 18th, 2020

They proved they dont. They were afraid of the terrorist Talib that piece of trash scared them. Republicans such F##$%g p###$%s sometimes. #FuckAllDemocrats4Ever

+21 Nov 19th, 2020

He needs to join Parlor.

+21 Nov 14th, 2020

If this does happen the lid will blow off America and it will make the last 4 years look like a play date. However tge alternative is giving up your Freedoms, your rights, and your money. Id rather see the lid come off and fight tooth and naill.

+20 Nov 25th, 2020

So how are you helping the President? Are you on the phone telling the GOP to back the President Trump not that baffoone biden. I didn't capitalize on purpose. If you Republicans don't start supporting the president we will walk away and form a new party. Do your job support President Trump and conservative voters

+20 Sep 19th, 2020

This guy deserves the same thing. Put an M80 in his mouth and light fuse.watch his jaws come off his fucking face.

+20 Dec 5th, 2020

No o e in their right fucking mind that is a free citizen would EVER take a forced vaccination that hasn't even been tested.

+18 Nov 28th, 2020

Yes strip them of section 230 youtube as well. Put all liberal rags on notice. We the people are tied of your shit.

+18 Nov 17th, 2020

Well if he is that sure why isnt this being put forward???? #FuckAllDemocrats4Ever

+17 Sep 4th, 2020

Why do the label all Trump supporters as far right groups. If I'm not mistaken this guy just supported President Trump and was leading a prayer group or something. So this makes us that support our President far right?

+17 Dec 15th, 2020

Jim aren't you in Congress? Can't you help the citizens? Your telling us what we already know, what we would like is some representation from our elected officials before this gets out of hand.

+17 Aug 8th, 2020

The bad part about all that everyone just watches it happen.

+16 Dec 5th, 2020

See the fat Demoncrat tries to shame kicks her off then the Gastspo comes in armor fully armed to escort her off. It's all a scar tactic and all the other sheep get to eat grass as long as their heads are down and the comply. This people is why there won't be a revolution. There is just a 1 and a 2 here that stand up. We need that whole plane to say fuck you we need 10000 people outside the grocery store inside saying we won't comply. We need everyone the NOISY MAJORITY TO STOP BEONG SILENT AND COMPLIMENT. ITS. TIME TO.MAKE NOISE!

+16 Dec 2nd, 2020

It doesn't matter what evidence you have if no one listens or takes action.

+16 Dec 1st, 2020

If your a trucker out there and reading this, this American supports you. You as CDL holders do not get the compensation you deserve to keep our great nation running. Keep em closed until you are all well rested .

+16 Sep 9th, 2020

Good question, why are you watching it. Its obvious the NFL loves Socialism, political correctness, hates any one that isnt black , brown . I doubt I'll miss watching grown men get paid millions bitching about equality and how un just America is all while chasing a oblong leather ball.

+15 Nov 11th, 2020

True story. Hunter also bedded his dead brothers wife, and got a stripper in AK pregnant which he refused to pay child support until a judge ruled against him. POS daddy Biden doesn't recognize that child as a grandchild. Bidens true POS.

+15 Aug 27th, 2020

There has to be 5 or 6 newly barred Conservative Lawyers that want to make a name for themselves and probably set presidence. Step up to the plate and defend this young man, do it pro bono win and you will secure a law firm bigger then you imagined with a ton of Conservative and Patriot support.

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