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+2 -1 Dec 25th, 2020

With 17 states joining Texas and 22 joining the opposition, does that fly with the United States bringing the case? The 22 would have an objection. Need to think carefully through this. 50+ tries not getting out of the batter’s box, we don’t want to add another to it. Cover all our bases.

+18 -1 Dec 12th, 2020

Saw on parler that rejection may have been based on technicality. Seems like many of these lawsuits wording is not airtight and needs to be cleaned up before submission. Hopefully some attorneys out there will get the wording and case presented in such a way to be heard on the merits of the detail.

+18 Dec 25th, 2020

For encouraging and uplifting message leading up to the Georgia runoff and Jan.6, please search YouTube and listen to Jonathan Cahn: Urgent Message December 2020 Where we are now and what you need to know. I believe God raised Trump up in 2016 to redirect our nation and believe raised Lin Wood up for time that we are in to retain the Senate and keep Trump in for another 4 years to return us to the Godly principles that our nation was founded on.

+3 Jan 7th, 2021

No surprise here.

+4 Dec 26th, 2020

In preparation for your trip, Search YouTube for “Jonathan Cahn: Urgent Message December 2020 - Where we are now and what you need to know” and listen to it.

Jan 3rd, 2021

I have sent Toomey several tweets, but honestly he is a lost cause like Romney. And he does not plan on seeking re-election.

+9 Jan 5th, 2021

They have had plenty of time to do a complete, thorough and transparent investigation, but for 2 months chose not to. Instead they say “no evidence of fraud” or “baseless claims” and want us to trust them without a shred of refuting any of the evidence. Their playbook is - don’t let them look because we know what they will find - keep stonewalling until the clock runs out. So far, it has been allowed to work. They will never allow a complete and transparent investigation. So, given that what is your next step. Tick tock ...tick tock ..tick tock

Dec 30th, 2020

Amen! Every Georgian needs to fight back or they will lose their stat. Will be the Michigan of the South.

+15 Dec 19th, 2020

You and Sidney need to sit with the Trump-friendly senators and make sure they are convinced. Just in the last several days senators like Graham and Nunes still say they need to see the evidence. Still waiting for a state senator to say he will join with the several House congresspersons on Jan 6th to initiate the debate (if it has to go that far). The DNI, FBI, DOJ, Homeland security must join the fight! Apparent it will not happen without them. They have to provide some evidence and back you up. Barr says “no evidence of widespread fraud” and you tell us he is a true Patriot. None of this makes sense. Mountains of evidence, but no one Federal agency willing to investigate? And if they have, sure are dragging their feet.

+16 Jan 4th, 2021

Obama/Biden invited them in with open arms. Part of their collective plan.

Dec 25th, 2020

I saw your profile, Christian, and wanted to share a message from Jonathan Cahn. Hopefully, you see this comment and it encourages you in the days to come and especially on Jan. 6. If you do see this, please let me know. Search YouTube for Jonathan Cahn: Urgent Message December 2020 - Where we are now and what you need to know.

+1 Dec 24th, 2020

@Kac29us Thanks. On Parler only 2 weeks and still learning. I wondered what that button did versus commenting on someone else post. Merry Christmas to you as well. Last week I finally resigned myself that if was going to happened it was going to be in large part WE The PEOPLE. Seems as if Trump stands alone. Really sad. The Democrats pitched a fit for 4 years about the 2016 election and used lies and misinformation during his term and eventually impeached Trump. And the Republicans can not pitch a fit for 4 weeks based on a mountain of evidence of fraud. Blows my mind.

+5 Jan 3rd, 2021

RINO Romney needs to resign. Quitter and been in left field for quite some time.

+2 Dec 30th, 2020


+6 Dec 25th, 2020

For encouragement in the coming days, please search YouTube and listen to “Jonathan Cahn: Urgent Message December 2020 Where we are now and what you need to know”. I believe God raised Trump up in 2016 to redirect our course and I believe God’s hand is on Lin Wood to help Trump have 4 more years. We are headed for judgement as a nation unless we turn back to the Godly principles this Nation was founded on.

+7 Dec 13th, 2020

Only a completely independent set of investigators from the Secretary of State will provide a degree of confidence. Having the GBI assist Raffenspergers investigators perpetuates the lack of trust. Must have A neutral set of investigators. Raffensperger has already been on CNN (that tells you something right there) and stating the most secure election ever. So, do you really think his investigators are going to refute that? He stated no significant fraud before he even investigated fraud and has given no point by point rebuttal to the hundreds of affidavits (sworn testimony) of fraud. And his Voting Systems Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling, Is a known Never-Trumper based on Sterling’s Facebook posts, “Trump must be stopped”.

Dec 24th, 2020

@Kac29us Not sure how to do that but will try.

+2 Jan 7th, 2021

Please don’t let them short circuit the the objection of electoral college votes. Go through the details of every state even if goes well in tomorrow or beyond. Understand though unless there is a full and transparent investigation of all evidence for each contested state there will be no closure. Voting and losing the vote with a majority bias “jury” brings no closure. Best to kick it back to the state legislatures who have the responsibility to ensure election integrity not governors or SOSs who circumvented state constitutions.

Jan 1st, 2021

Senators McConnell (Kentucky) and Thune (South Dakota) are the Republican leaders Rudy was referring to.

+3 Dec 26th, 2020

I have contacted L. Graham and sent 5 tweets to Senator Thune last night. McConnell not sure he is worth the effort. McConnell and Thune need to stop discouraging and intimidating them. Senator Thune quote: “any challenge will go down like a shot dog” and “a senator challenging is risking his/her political career”

+22 Dec 22th, 2020

All Kentucky patriots need to listen to Senator Paul on YouTube (search for “Rand Paul: the election in many ways was stolen”). At 6:50, he states “ the fraud happened and in many ways the election was stolen, and the only way to be fixed, in the future, is by reinforcing the laws”. This can has been kicked done the road for more than 10 years and it is getting worst not better. All talk and no action by our government officials. The TIME IS NOW! not “in the future” as senator Paul acquiesced. No way do we accept the current election results without protest. Please all Kentucky patriots contact Senator Paul and let him know the Time is Now to fight. We are done and fed up with “in the future”. It is 1776, time for all American patriots to rise up and fight for Election Integrity - - NOW.

+5 Jan 4th, 2021

No evidence presented and only an assumption that Pence was aware of this or should have been. Should have been vetted more prior to posting. Lin, you took 2 steps back on this one. Still with Pence, unless hard irrefutable evidence is presented.

+6 Dec 26th, 2020

The Democrats pitched a fit for 4 years based on lies and misinformation and eventually the House impeached Trump. And the Republican senators can’t pitch a fit for more than 4 weeks given a mountain of evidence and McConnell then congratulating Biden/Harris on their win and Thune stating “time to move on”. No Way! Stand & Fight for Truth!

+1 Dec 24th, 2020

@Kac29us Let me know if it worked. Thanks!

+3 Jan 4th, 2021

The objecting senators are asking for 10 day audit/investigation with full transparency of the election irregularities and he is not willing to join. Even though he says he shares concern about the irregularities. Makes no sense. Guess he approves of election fraud since he is not willing to have it investigated. Let’s make sure he has a short political career.

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