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+51 -1 Nov 29th, 2020

Democrats should be ashamed of themselves!

+40 Dec 20th, 2020

The extended adolescence in America has reached critical mass. I used to watch television. I used to watch sports and gear up for football games. But the last four years (thank you Donald Trump) really opened my eyes to the deception and shook me out of the trance. I am now completely free from those mind-numbing and idol worshiping time wasters. Never been happier!

+40 Nov 12th, 2020

Sidney Powell is a national treasure. We are so fortunate to have her on our side. For those of you feeling dejected and defeated, take a close look at how hard Sidney Powell is fighting for this republic. She is a true example of an American patriot. Thank God for Sidney Powell.

+30 Nov 25th, 2020

It's only a PRELIMINARY injunction, but still very good news. It means that they presented enough evidence to get a temporary injunction (stoppage) until a full hearing is had. The full hearing is this Friday, November 27. Say a prayer for Trump's lawyers. I'm sure they are working 20 hours per day.

+21 Nov 23th, 2020

Don’t waste your time watching those lying “news “ networks. Straight up propaganda against Trump and MAGA Nation. Not good for your mental health.

+19 Nov 23th, 2020

We should all be embarrassed. We got way too comfortable watching TV and rooting for our sports teams while sleazy politicians (Democrats AND Republicans) drove America over a cliff. I’m so disgusted by the whole thing.

+17 Nov 21th, 2020

Tucker was way out of line in his criticism of Sidney Powell. He should apologize now, but probably won’t (ego and pride). In the end, it will be Sidney standing tall and proud while Tucker will be taking (with that annoying prep boy smirk) to half of his original audience.

+16 Nov 21th, 2020

More great news! Don't listen to the naysayers, including the fake conservatives (never-Trumpers and neocons) and petulant prep boys (Tucker Carlson). They will be proven wrong and Trump will be inaugurated for the second time on January 20, 2021.

+16 Nov 22th, 2020

Notice how calm Trump is during this tumultuous time. He knows he's going to win in the end.

+15 Dec 4th, 2020

Add Dr. Shiva to the list of great American patriots. Thank you, Dr. Shiva.

+13 Nov 17th, 2020

Human garbage!

+13 Dec 4th, 2020

Trump is going to be inaugurated. THEY will be resisting (just as before). We will be supporting our great president for four more years!

+13 -1 Dec 20th, 2020

Just found out that all restaurants in Washington, D.C. will be closed for indoor dining from December 23 until January 15. Organizers of the upcoming Trump rally (January 6) need to make sure that enough portable toilets are available to accommodate the very large expected turnout. This is especially important for those people staying in hotels outside the city because they will not have access to restaurant bathrooms once they get into D.C. This was a big problem at last week’s rally, and it could be an even bigger problem at the upcoming rally if organizers don’t plan ahead. Please spread the word.

+14 -2 Nov 19th, 2020

Most people I talk to on our side know in their hearts that Trump won and that the evidence is overwhelming. Nevertheless, they still fear losing because of hopelessly corrupt judges, politicians (in both parties), and powerful media personalities. That in itself is an indication of just how far we’ve fallen as a country. Tragic, really.

+10 Dec 7th, 2020

The GOP is garbage.

+9 Nov 21th, 2020

Lin Wood has been preaching this truth for months now. Kemp is a corrupt, sleazy politician... like so many others. He’s also a Republican. Let that sink in. He, and others like him, are why I left the Republican Party years ago. I’m a proud Independent!

+8 Nov 22th, 2020

Disgraceful. Damn! It’s getting harder and harder to find companies to support. I can’t stand weak men, and Black Rifle Coffee just proved to be full of them. Weak men sicken me.

+7 Nov 22th, 2020

Thank you, Mike Lindell.

+7 Nov 26th, 2020

“agents operating on behalf of China and Iran...”

+7 Nov 13th, 2020

Alito is spot on. This is why we fight for conservative/originalist judges and justices. So important.

+6 Dec 4th, 2020

Wow. Georgia is a disaster. And the governor is a Republican. I think the Secretary of State is also a Republican. Once again, the establishment Republicans prove to be against the people. Shameful.

+6 Dec 4th, 2020

Can we all just agree at this point that many (most?) Republican politicians hate Trump and his supporters? I mean, the evidence of that seems overwhelming to me. I am an Independent for this very reason.

+6 Nov 22th, 2020

Very interesting. Not sure what this means.

+5 Dec 4th, 2020


+5 Nov 22th, 2020

The swamp is corrupt as hell and seemingly everywhere. The court systems are completely overrun with swamp judges and lots of people have already lost hope that even SCOTUS will do the right thing. EVERYONE knows (or at least should know) that the election was rigged by now. Tucker Carlson and Fox News be damned.

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