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+124 -3 Jan 3rd, 2021


+82 Nov 22th, 2020

anyone else sick of hearing that everything is about race??

+77 -1 Jan 7th, 2021

We know what happened, they stole the election. The Constitution didn't help us because SCOTUS punted!

+65 Nov 17th, 2020

good, they're annoying!

+63 Dec 8th, 2020

that's good because he's not president-elect!

+62 -2 Nov 27th, 2020

of course it was stolen and if it's not rectified we'll lose our country!

+56 Aug 26th, 2020

Nick did a great job!

+55 Dec 26th, 2020

why are Dem mayors and governors such buffoons?

+54 Nov 22th, 2020

What??? I sure hope this can be proved!! Trump won.

+54 Sep 4th, 2020

you mean the 'peaceful protests'?

+53 -1 Nov 3rd, 2019

Sharia law needs to be banned in all states!!

+47 Aug 28th, 2020

beautiful speech be our great President!!!

+46 -1 Nov 24th, 2020

the people of the state need to sue the governor!

+44 Aug 31th, 2020

what about names of police killed by thugs??!

+40 Oct 17th, 2020

what did she do to her face?

+41 -2 Dec 10th, 2020

so they've had it and did nothing with it? Like they did with Hunter's laptop. Trump needs to clean house in his second term!!

+39 Dec 30th, 2020

We stand with Trump!!

+38 Nov 10th, 2020

That's good news!

+36 Nov 19th, 2020

anyone involved with the fraud in this election must be arrested!

+36 Nov 22th, 2020

We need a new Trump Party!

+35 Dec 18th, 2020

courageous Patriot!!

+32 Aug 24th, 2020

Dems are trying to steal the election!

+31 Nov 11th, 2020

yeah good luck with that. We've already moved on!!

+31 Dec 16th, 2020

we can't continue as we are. the Dems do what they want with no consequences!

+31 Dec 4th, 2020

wow, this guy has totally lost it! And they want us to believe he won an election against the greatest President ever??

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