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+49 Nov 23th, 2020

There are two parallel tracks going on. Trump’s lawyers taking voter fraud, Powell taking on the Deep State.

+43 Dec 31th, 2020

Will be hard to blend bearded, manly men in with skinny soy boys. Just sayin.

+31 Nov 28th, 2020

Ignore the trolls. Don’t engage...block.

+24 Nov 13th, 2020

“Zeke Emanuel is a politically connected oncologist who proclaimed life wasn't worth living after age 75. (Joe Biden is 77.)” Do they not vet these people ?

+23 -1 Dec 28th, 2020

President Trump’s Statement on bill.

+22 Jan 7th, 2021

Is he a patriot? Don’t yell at us because we are trying to figure it out. There was BLM and ANTIFA there. That doesn’t negate your actions.

+22 Jan 6th, 2021

Send a copy of this to your senators and representative. Make noise.

+19 Jan 6th, 2021

Call the National Guard. Call the DC police so it will be on record, if they do nothing.

+18 Dec 28th, 2020

President Trump’s statement on bill.

+18 Dec 22th, 2020

Too bad more republicans do not think this way. #tulsigabbard A one-time payment of $600 is a slap in the face to every American struggling due to the pandemic. You deserve better. Tonight I voted against the 5,593-page spending bill that gave billions to corporate interests, the military industrial complex & other countries, leaving the crumbs for you who need help the most.

+19 -2 Nov 11th, 2020

Wrong. Per the Constitution, results have to be certified. They have not been. Happens in December. The electors cast their ballots for president and vice president, based on our individual votes. This year, their meeting and voting date is December 14, 2020. A president will not and cannot be officially determined before that date by anyone other than the 538 electors of the Electoral College. This process was established by Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution and modified by the 12th and 23rd Amendments.

+17 Jan 5th, 2021

Call the National Guard. Call the DC police so they have it on record.

+15 Dec 6th, 2020

I have COVID now. I’d rather have it than the flu I had last year. I got over the flu and I’ll get over Covid. Will not be getting vaccine.

+15 Jan 4th, 2021

“Epstein was barred from President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla., ‘because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club,, according to court documents,’” The Washington Post reported. “I learned through a source that Trump banned Epstein from his Maralago [Mar-A- Lago] Club in West Palm Beach because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club,” Fort Lauderdale lawyer Bradley Edwards’ said.

+15 Jan 8th, 2021

So many conflicting stories.

+14 Dec 15th, 2020

Interesting. Their CEO that has served for over a decade, He stepped down several weeks ago and there’s a new CEO. Wonder which one turned over their passport?

+14 Jan 6th, 2021

Call the National Guard. Call the DC police. If they do nothing, it will be on record.

+13 Dec 28th, 2020

President Trump’s Statement:

+13 Nov 16th, 2020

I don’t believe ES&S is any better. My county, Mecklenburg county NC, started using them in 2019. I still do not know if my vote counted. Not listed on the BOE website. #stopthesteal

+15 -2 Nov 11th, 2020

@Matdast8 Yes. I will accept. Will you? Or will you resist like you did for the past four years? Most people like going by the Constitution and not an “informal process”.

+12 Dec 28th, 2020

Praying for him. Huge responsibility.

+11 Dec 28th, 2020

President Trump’s Statement on Bill.

+11 Jan 4th, 2021

What recourse do we have? Use to be at the ballot box. No longer can trust it or the alphabet agencies.

+11 Dec 28th, 2020

We need senators also.

+10 Jan 6th, 2021

Keep hoping. When you don’t enforce laws, no one is going to obey them.

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