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+56 Oct 8th, 2020

Devout Catholic who is pro-abortion? What? Harris is nuts.

+54 -1 Nov 6th, 2020

Every state that receives more votes than it has registered voters should be re-done with all corruption removed and careful monitoring throughout. Volunteer teams of one Democrat and one Republican can visit the shut-ins and the absentees can all be re-done if needed with I.D. required and registration required. Oh, wait, the deadly Covid is too risky. We can go buy groceries and go to restaurants, but too risky to do anything regarding honest elections.

+42 Nov 7th, 2020

The longer the vote count takes, Biden will eventually end up with more votes for each contested state than there are people in the state. Amazing.

+30 Nov 9th, 2020

I would love to see a total re-vote, in person with I.D. In the contested states. Trump would win easily, in my opinion. Too many people want a corrupt system, however. If they didn’t, it wouldn’t exist.

+29 Sep 15th, 2020

I’d love to see Trump win both the popular AND the electoral. The media would be left with their stupid mouths hanging open.

+27 -1 Oct 16th, 2020

She is a typical biased reporter who doesn’t like Trump.

+25 Nov 6th, 2020

Would a pro-death Democrat Party stoop so low as to endorse voter fraud? To me, it’s all about moral character. They are ok with killing babies. They are ok with lying, cheating and stealing. It’s as simple as that. It all goes hand-in-hand.

+25 Nov 21th, 2020

The amount of corruption is heartbreaking. Those corrupt people are going to protect their power, so draining the swamp will be extremely difficult. I am an optimist, but it’s been difficult to remain hopeful. Our nation has been declining morally since the 1960s. But, this nation survived a civil war, so anything is possible.

+23 Nov 19th, 2020

This was heartbreaking to me. We have friends and relatives who were maimed and killed to protect our freedoms and the vote fraud bastards are doing this. They did it because they got brave. They got brave, because they know people like the Clintons and others like them are NEVER held to account.

+23 Dec 20th, 2020

Who really believes this fool got 80 million votes? NO WAY.

+21 Dec 6th, 2020

I don’t think many people who call Covid a “hoax” mean that it doesn’t exist. I think many people mean that it is being used and possibly magnified to suit political ends. We are back to the flu analogy. The flu is highly contagious, particularly dangerous for those over 50-60, and can be deadly for kids. Is Covid worse than the flu? It depend on which flu we are talking about. It’s more dangerous than the common annual flu, perhaps, but not nearly as dangerous as the Spanish flu, which killed 50-100 MILLION worldwide. I am concerned about Covid, but the flu concerns me just as much. We don’t shut down or stop living, because of the flu. But, by living, it doesn’t mean we are not taking it seriously.

+21 Dec 2nd, 2020

How does a POS like Schumer keep getting elected? It must be the Dominion software that makes that happen.

+20 Sep 27th, 2020

He should be. But, remember, the law won’t apply to the Clintons. At least, it hasn’t up to this point.

+19 Aug 20th, 2020

Just like the media try to connect Trump with Epstein. It was Clinton who went to pedophile island numerous times, not Trump. Yet, who does the Media question about it? Trump. Not one damn question interview with Clinton.

+19 Oct 21th, 2020

If Trump is re-elected, I look for some deserving people to go to prison.

+19 Dec 5th, 2020

We all should be screaming PAPER BALLOTS ONLY! ID required. Witnesses required. Citizenship required. Alive and breathing required. Residency required. Proper age required.

+18 Dec 17th, 2020

And it worked.

+16 Dec 23th, 2020

It’s insanity, or they are trying to destroy our economy?

+16 Oct 16th, 2020

Trump is ripping Savannah a new one!

+16 Aug 20th, 2020

I’m OK with jail time if fraud is proven. Now, who is next; Hillary, Bill, Obama, 1% of the FBI, Biden and son? Let’s do it if we are gonna do it!

+15 Aug 9th, 2020

If we don’t open things back up soon, we are going to destroy this nation. No more games- this is SERIOUS! the media has created this catastrophe, and it’s killing us faster than any virus ever could. Protect the vulnerable, just like the flu that we do every year.

+15 Dec 6th, 2020

Either ALL of the many witnesses who signed sworn affidavits are lying, or there was massive election fraud. No one needs to make excuses for siding with the corruption. The facts are the facts. Let’s move on to the next step. Do we accept corrupt elections, or do we not?

+14 Oct 6th, 2020

There is almost NO enthusiasm for Biden. He could not draw a large crowd anywhere, yet we are supposed to believe is way ahead on the polls? Maybe the Dems have a plan of cheating the election they think is foolproof. That’s the only way Biden can win in my view.

+14 Dec 21th, 2020

Liberals will NEVER admit that masks don’t work. Unless people exercise civil disobedience, we are going to be wearing them for a long, long time.

+13 Oct 6th, 2020

I’m really concerned about the attitudes of many Americans when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. If we lose this right, it’s almost certain to be gone forever. They don’t need our guns today. They will get them over time. However, our other rights will be disappearing in the meantime. What good are your guns when your life is basically controlled financially and physically by the Left? We MUST be active when it comes to keeping good people in office. This fight will last for many years.

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