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+249 Nov 13th, 2020

I spoke to my cousin who is a Pentagon level Army lifer. He couldn't say much. No details. But, from our conversation, I was able to gather that the military outside of the upper echelon knows a coup is coming. They know who is on their side and who would toss them to the wolves to reinstate their massive war machine. They know who brought them home to their families and who would love nothing more than to sacrifice their bodies to make money off of war. I could not have been more comforted. If it comes down to it, they will align themselves with the Commander in Chief.

+58 Jan 4th, 2021

God bless our Commander in Chief. ❤❤

+44 Sep 30th, 2020

Yeeeeessss!!!! Take our American cities back. Proud Boys are a national treasure. We pray for you every night. ❤❤

+41 Aug 31th, 2020

I tearfully and prayerfully will be sending my husband to harm's way to defend our American freedom. For your children. For my children. Please pray for our Patriots. Please, Beloved Father in Heaven, allow my husband to do your work and come home safe to me. ❤❤

+37 -1 Oct 17th, 2020

Holy ish. This is happening everywhere. They are cheating left and right. Please, Father God, let us keep winning in spite of the cheating.

+31 -1 Oct 27th, 2020

Amazing work you are doing Mr. Guo! I am so impressed with your bravery and that you are using your money and influence to help both the Chinese and American people to be as free as possible. We are praying for you. This is unbelievable.

+29 Nov 25th, 2020

Well. It may be a toss up. Governor Kristi Noem kept South Dakota open this whole time. She has run her state beautifully.

+28 Aug 28th, 2020

I so wish this wasn't GoFundMe. Never supporting that company ever again.

+27 Sep 11th, 2020

❤❤ God bless Western chauvinism. I have my life to thank for a good, Western, Christian man who works had to support me and our beloved children. Thank you @NobleLead and @TheProudBoys for upholding values which secure my liberty. My husband will be taking his pledge soon. ❤❤

+26 Nov 17th, 2020

I sent in my own evidence to Sen. Hawley that my Facebook was suspended for no reason and, on the same day, I was unable to send emails and even text messages. They flagged my ISP under the TASK program. I cant go back and find text messages and emails I have sent to people sharing truth that I was kept from doing on Facebook when I was suspended on Nov. 10th. Im a researcher who has been digging and finding evidence of voter fraud and encouraging others to do the same and I was totally censored.

+26 Aug 31th, 2020

We live in the South Seattle area. @NobleLead @TheProudBoys my husband has sent emails to your local leadership for connection and never got an answer. Im more social media savvy: he works too many hours providing for our family to be bothered. He can be reached at: rangeredge1621@gmail.com or anderse198080@gmail.com . We want to a part of the movement, but you guys need to stay on top of your social media because people want to help and you are ignoring them.

+23 Oct 7th, 2020

Yes, ma'am! We are 300 miles north of her and 20 miles south of Seattle. We are bugging out to our cabin the week of the election (we will vote in person during the early voting period starting next week.) because we dont want to be anywhere near highly populated areas. We are taking all of our firearms and ammunition. The bulk of our food and water stores are already at the cabin and hopefully our main home will be spared from any rioting. We live in a pretty quiet suburb but, you never know.

+22 Jan 7th, 2021

Look up @redpillfairy here on Parler. She was a part of a massive deplaning of Trump supporters after they tried to sing the National Anthem on their flight, only to be met with LEO once they were off the tarmac. @EllieBOfficial has videos of DC LEO literally LOCKING Patriots into their hotels overnight last night.

+22 Dec 23th, 2020

It would legally bind VP Pence from being able to certify electors that were not elected by their state legislatures (AZ, MI, GA, WI, PA) deducting those electoral votes from the total and then Trump wins 232 to 227.

+22 Nov 18th, 2020

We are planning a massive rally in the Washington state Governors mansion this weekend. They are trying to shut us down. No more. We are standing up.

+23 -1 Dec 28th, 2020

So...you didnt read his statement about invoking the Impoundment Act of 1974? He's redlining the overspending, demanding revocation or a rewrite of Section 230 and a Congressional Hearing on voter fraud. God you people are such quitters.

+20 Nov 29th, 2020

We need to stand up and fight. Memes are great. But civil disobedience is better.

+19 Dec 28th, 2020

Make sure you have at least 10 days of nonperishable food and water, a CB radio, an emergency plan with family and plenty of candles, flashlights and ways to keep warm.

+19 Oct 28th, 2020

I know this is a month old, but it makes me proud to see it, Patriot. Im south of you in King County. I am also in a little town. We have no assets Antifa would want to target, thank goodness. But we have built a network of friends and neighbors that would arm ourselves and protect each other's homes and families should they decide to march on another suburb. Good job! I love visiting Snohomish County. Thank you for keeping it safe.

+19 Sep 2nd, 2020

This is fake. Stop believing everything you see. You guys are the conservative equivalent of wearing masks in your own car!!!

+18 Nov 25th, 2020

Hitler said some similar things...

+18 Dec 4th, 2020

Its just become too very obvious that our elections cannot be handled by citizens. They have been propagandized by media, have no moral compass, and are so self serving, there is no law they wouldnt break to get their way. There are so few honest people anymore who will simply follow the rules and regulations, especially when they have become so emotionally invested in whatever cause they think they are fighting for.

+18 Sep 27th, 2020

If its not okay when they do it, it shouldnt be okay when we do it. That driver was probably scared out of their mind. We dont get to be angry at people for wanting to spare themselves from potential violence. I love you guys, but there is nothing empathetic or loving about holding a car hostage and getting angry at them when they get scared and want to leave. ❤

+18 -1 Dec 7th, 2020

Time for a new party, methinks.

+16 Oct 19th, 2020

Quit sharing shit from Twitter! Some of us deactivated and deleted a long ass time ago and stopped giving them money.

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