Retired 24 year veteran of the US Army, multiple deployments. Proud supporter of the greatest President in my lifetime, Donald J Trump. Texan by choice. #WWG1WGA

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+57 Jun 21th, 2020

This is a state issue, feds need to let it simmer. Minneapolis/Minnesota residents voted this crap in, let them figure it out. Why should my tax dollars be spent on bailing stupid people out of their stupid decisions?

+29 Oct 15th, 2020

That’s why you carry.

+13 Oct 18th, 2020

One of the patterns I saw in today’s drops was that it sure appears the FBI is covering for the left, time to clean the FBI house and turn this over to the military.

+12 Aug 21th, 2020

Hey Gov, there are 6 active cases of COVID in the largest county in Texas. Why the hell are we still muzzled?

+9 Sep 14th, 2020

How many large pieces of the aircraft that hit the towers were found? Honest question, I’ve never seen or heard.

+9 Jun 26th, 2020

Minneapolis officers, your mayor and governor just said f-you and kicked you to the curb, you owe them nothing. Get you and your families out of this hell hole before things go sideways. There are plenty of cities across the country that appreciate the work you do.

+8 Oct 18th, 2020

The sky is falling! Typical socialist BS, I’m not worried.

+8 Oct 9th, 2020

Please include in your prayers the rough men that are about to stand up to defeat the socialist/Islamic scourge that’s on the horizon.

+8 Oct 6th, 2020

Mass suicides. They will either start hanging themselves or attempt suicide by Patriot by trying to start civil war II.

+8 Jul 8th, 2020

Psst China, your third world is showing.

+7 Sep 30th, 2020

I think President Trump was quite frustrated at the end, I doubt he’s ever had to deal with a bumbling liar of this magnitude before, how do you debate lies? Biden showed the world what a feckless fool he is.

+7 Jul 20th, 2020

Once all the rinos get rolled up in spygate , pedogate, and their hands caught in the till I suspect the Republican Party will be destroyed as well. I can’t speak for other states but the only time I hear from the Texas Republican Party is when they are pandering for donations. As a patriot I don’t support the party of socialists nor can I support the party of cowards. I’ll follow a successful non-political businessman that has done more for the United States in the last 3 years than either political party has done in the last century. Republicans need to stop riding the President’s coattails and man the fuck up if they want any support from me.

+7 Jul 24th, 2020

With all due respect Mr. President, you throw from the shoulder and not the elbow. Regardless, I was disappointed you couldn’t bean fauci in the head and make the hollow pumpkin noise he deserves, all the best, FOUR MORE YEARS!

+6 Jun 21th, 2020

Hello? I thought this was a debate, haven't heard from you so I'll start. Born an Army brat at Fort Leonard Wood MO, moved to Fort Bliss TX, moved to Fort Richardson AK, moved to Fort Wainwright AK, then returned to my birth place in MO. My Father has been gone for a few years, happy Father's Day dad, but what he taught me made me what I am now. Work hard, do the best you can, be honest, and respect others. What did your Father teach you that you carry to this day?

+7 -1 Dec 4th, 2020

I appreciate the effort you put into this but as you can see very few people take the time to read or research anything. Their minds are made up and no amount of facts are going to change it. I watched the episode last night and located and read the documents today, I agree something is about to take a turn, 18 December is 15 days away.

+6 Nov 8th, 2020

I suspect the Democratic Party will cease to exist over the next four years.

+6 Sep 25th, 2020

Don’t blur this stuff out, America needs to see it.

+5 Nov 6th, 2020

These counts need to be watched closely.

+5 Jul 20th, 2020

Hung by the neck until they are dead, in public.

+5 Dec 3rd, 2020

They don’t need to be overturned for DJT to win, there is this thing called article 2 in the constitution.

+5 Aug 11th, 2020

Oh hell no, that’s too close. A limb saw on a 20’ pole is much safer.

+5 -1 Nov 23th, 2020

Wow, this shows who has the courage to take up the fight and get blood on their hands and those that freak out by being offended. If you’re the latter stay home when the fight comes to the streets, you’re gonna see things never imagined and I sure don’t want to get hurt because someone supposedly on my side got offended.

+4 Jun 26th, 2020

I think it will go kinetic much sooner than they realize.

+4 Jul 22th, 2020

I agree but the citizens have had a month to do something and still chose to sit on their butt plugs. Once they start destroying what my tax dollars paid for I’m all for my tax dollars being used to pay to prevent further destruction. From what I’ve seen the residents are fucking worthless as citizens, time to vote this city off the planet.

+4 Oct 16th, 2020

In a communist country lining up for food IS a good thing, there usually isn’t any.

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