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Nov 21th, 2020

@Johncoburn i totally agree

+23 Nov 24th, 2020

Funny how the fascist left comes to Parler to call us fascist, using terms and language they can't get away with on Twitter. Isn't free speech fun, guys? See why you should support it? You're still fucking retards, but you're free fucking retards.

+16 Nov 21th, 2020

Oh I’ve plastered it everywhere. BREAKING NEWS: Circuit Courts have been reassigned EFFECTIVE November 20,2020 ordered pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42. These are the assignees for the following: MI: Brett M. Kavanaugh WI: Amy Coney Barrett PA: Samuel A. Alito GA: Clarence Thomas Go to the supremecourt DOT gov circuit court assignments page to see for yourself!!!! KARMA IS IN THE AIR TONIGHT!!!!!!

+11 Nov 21th, 2020

Biden will never side with Trump administration to verify validity of this election. Look, this guy spent nine months in the basement, barely did any rallies, literally did not lift his finger to reach out to people. Big question WHY? Because dominion and smartmatics said: “Biden, rest assured, we got you covered!” Now, it makes me wonder did this type of shenanigans got Ted Wheeler (Portland mayor who let all this chaos go on for weeks) re-elected?

+1 Nov 21th, 2020

@FuckYurFeelings We agree mostly. My children are trained as is my wife and I. What good will your locked up gun do when someone breaks into your house also armed but in hand? Kicking ass is fun as is hunting and shooting. Getting capped while trying to open your gun safe is not. My weapons are all registered to me and my wife. We stand up for our liberties and freedoms respectfully and condone all who act to disrupt civil liberties. A Biden administration will rape your wallet if you retain your guns. Your from GA man??? Get back to the basics please. It worked 250 years ago and still does. My neighbor was robbed a few months ago and beaten. I choose to shoot anyone with that idea at my house and need easy access to my guns. Save the knuckles and use your bullets.

+4 Nov 24th, 2020

Best quote ever. You should sell t shirts!

Nov 24th, 2020

Forget Laura. She’s a sellout

Nov 24th, 2020

Excuse me mega Australia? To say Mexican suck it’s a very disgusting thing. Are you a Demon KRAT trying to infiltrate Parler as a Conservative? It’s not going to work here. And I am from Italian and English dissent. Do not put down my fellow Hispanic Americans who have come from Mexico for a better life and be a part of the American dream. You need to go back to your liberal Facebook and Twitter site because there you will find the true Racists.

+1 Nov 21th, 2020

Do you kiss your mom with that mouth? Bet she's proud of you!

Nov 24th, 2020

@Prinauro I know! But how did he steal them exactly? I’m looking for something to shut my liberal family members up at thanksgiving. I can’t just make accusations without backing it up with sources to show them.

Nov 24th, 2020

Anyone with half a brain cell can not deny the STEAL!

+8 Nov 21th, 2020

A must see interview! Devin Nunes is a true patriot!!!

+10 Nov 21th, 2020

Just finished watching. Senator Nunes is a great American patriot. Thank you sir!

Nov 22th, 2020

@Jwjonessr So you're saying Nunes is a pos?

+12 Nov 24th, 2020

I’m tired of hearing Republicans bitching and complaining about Big Tech... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO SOMETHING

+3 Nov 22th, 2020

Folks, the MSM and these social websites offer little room to argue with their tyrannical views of government stranglehold, they’ve lost any critical thinking skills if they ever had one, besides, they just have to look good, they don’t have to be clear. Don Hensley’s, Dirty laundry makes that perfectly clear. Ratings above truth at all cost.

+2 Nov 24th, 2020

Yeah, and how are we supposed to do that?

+2 Nov 23th, 2020

I am from The Valley and it is not easy when their is so much hate propaganda in all our social media and news spreading for years it is incredible how they paint the picture when is the same video and you see the true video and how is manipulated to image something that is not true by cutting and adding words and state what they want you to hear that is how I found out that it was so bad and I do not see neither news that they are not credible they make the most Saint people doubt I am with you Davin Nunez

Nov 21th, 2020

@marygomes You should accept personal responsibility for the things you spread and make sure it’s factual. There was no election fraud. Trumps own DHS says 2020 was the most secure election in history. So we should stop listening to trump and his minions. We should have stopped listening years ago.

+1 Nov 24th, 2020

I’ve got a sick feeling that it isn’t only Biden’s team. We’re still seeing the violence happening and these thugs are still killing innocent people. Rumors of Antifa and BLM are circulating demanding a place in Government. This thing looks very, very sinister to me. I think we should have locked down our country long ago and not over the virus but because of the violence and President Trump should have declared Marshall Law.

+21 Nov 24th, 2020

Are you a TRUE Patriot- or a #BigTech CUCK? RINO Kemp and his buddies in DC expect GA patriots to vote in their rigged #georgianelections - but REAL patriots and Trump lovers know only #boycottgarunoffs will keep #dominionvotingsystems from the steal!!! EXPOSE the fraud- STAY HOME and let their disaster explode in their lying faces- then Trump turns to HIS court to seal his return!!!

Nov 24th, 2020

@Ticbug60 No, I took it directly off the flyer for the event.

+7 -2 Nov 21th, 2020

Where are our republicans supporting us? Michigan republicans suck

Nov 24th, 2020

@LMGCAG Nope not the least bit. His girls dick is bigger than his, he kills endangered species for fun, he doesn’t pay his taxes, he’s going to prison for fraud, and his daddy is a loser. What the fuck is there to be jealous of lady?

Nov 24th, 2020

A must see!

-1 Nov 21th, 2020

@BAPink You lost me at "George soros".

Nov 24th, 2020

And your a big dumbass

Nov 24th, 2020

Nice to have many golf courses all over the states and all over the world. Good family, good life. 73M people voted for him.

Nov 24th, 2020

@Ezmatic Yes but an untrained non combat shooter does not stand a chance. You would be dead before you pissed your pants

+1 Nov 22th, 2020

This is YUGE!

+14 -1 Nov 22th, 2020

President Trump already comprehensively analyzed it 4 years ago when he called it the FAKE NEWS MEDIA! You and the Rinos are conveniently a day late and a dollar short! Hope you're happy Devon. You and the rest of SWAMP just put XI JINPING's #1 guy in the Oval Office. Now real patriots as history always proves will have to clean it all up and save what's left of this great Republic! China Joe isn't my president!!!

+1 Nov 21th, 2020

@Realdevincat I see you are delusional as well. Classic TDS. Does your cat lick your wounds and purr on command to build up your bruised ego? You all love to hide behind pics of something or someone else. I know looking in the mirror is rough...the fact that you are even on this site speaks volumes!! No friends, No life for DevinCat.

+18 Nov 22th, 2020

What’s happening in our world, and more importantly our country is simple: God is no longer a regard to more than half the country. When you push Him out of the equation everything will fall apart...and it is falling apart. If we continue to allow that to happen then regardless of anything else that we do - we will fail!

+22 -2 Nov 21th, 2020

We will be riding bulls tomorrow on our day off if you’d like to come feel sorry for us and show us how tough you are. Get done with that we can go race some cars. Show ya what dirt taste like. Maybe then you won’t be such a bitch.

Nov 23th, 2020


Nov 23th, 2020

@BigTXDawg You don't know what Communism means

Nov 21th, 2020

Exactly !

+1 Nov 21th, 2020

@Nlwho To see your Pokemon collection? Or to see how lonely you are from being bullied your whole life? Dude, I look at you and you're the kid I've been picking on my whole life. The kid who eventually grows up, thinks he's something because he has a little age on him and resents being picked on by men like me, and acts out. Calm down, sissy, and stop making threats behind a keyboard over the internet.

Nov 22th, 2020

@Fritz45 Some people have it set up that you can’t see their comments if you don’t have a badge

Nov 21th, 2020

@Nlwho Let me guess, you have a collection of nerf guns? Limited Special Edition, huh? With all the stickers, I bet. Tell the truth big guy, do you watch American History X and jack off to Edward Norton? You look like the type..

+14 Nov 22th, 2020

If Amanpour can liken Trump to Kristallnacht & @AOC can post a list of Trump supporter so they can be barred from jobs on a site that has algorithms to censor 'hate' speech & Americans don't realize they've been had, then nothing good can come of this. Let me put it in terms of a hypothetical. If you had said to a prosperous German businessman or professional in 1934 that in 10 years their country would be destroyed & that it would have killed 6 million Jews in gas chambers, the person would probably have laughed at you. Well, something terrible will happen to this country if the criminal oligarchy who manipulated the outcome of this election is allowed to continue to corrupt & control our institutions.

+7 Nov 21th, 2020

All these Big Tech companies got to where they are through capitalism...becoming billionaires from pursuing the American dream. But support marxists socialism and communist ideals for others!!! Someone explain to me this stupidity

+7 -75 Nov 24th, 2020

45 is THE BIGGEST LOSER Nunes is #2

+5 Nov 22th, 2020

Where were you and the rest of the GOP when you had the house and senate not passing legislation to fix this? I hold the gop more accountable for not preventing this. If the gop fails to get this fraud fixed I will never vote for another Republican ever.

Nov 21th, 2020

I heard thid too! Where can it be verified ?

+1 Nov 24th, 2020

@Bobkulanda You are the fascist! You idiots have proven that the last 12 yrs!! We will NOT allow you to take over our America with you're intimidation, destroying businesses, killing innocent souls including babies and massive cheating! Hope you're listening.. WE WILL NOT ALLOW IT!

+24 Nov 21th, 2020

As clear as the water coming out from my tap need to say more this is a huge fixed up planned conspiracy elections frauds periods why are we wasting time to recount and certify high court should step in to intervene declare this elections is over demoRats is disqualified they committed high crime start to make arrest and get cells ready to put in lots of scumbags

+2 Nov 21th, 2020

I completely agree. They’re wayyyy too slow

+22 -2 Nov 22th, 2020

Yes and the facade here in Australia it’s disgusting all media stations in Australia are calling Joe Biden president it’s totally wrong totally wrong

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