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NEWS: Biden Says Inauguration Will Resemble Virtual Convention — President-elect deems ‘a gigantic inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue’ as unlikely via WSJ ....anything to hide those 80,000,000 voters, eh?


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Especially considering the fact that he only has 20 million followers on Twitter and President Trump is the one with 88.7 million followers on Twitter... Kind of a stark difference!!

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@Jennifero10 Thank you for taking the words right out of my mouth! But please don'twaste your time on the likes of them they are all brainwashed and need immediatemental mental care!

Dec 6th, 2020

@Nick1984original yeah. and Bush was so much better. Jr's approval ratings were SO much lower than Trump's. And BTW, you might not be old enough to remember, but in 2008 lots of people were furious about being involved in Iraq. A guy named Obama had voted against going in.. and the rest is history. To say that people are voting against Trump more than they voted against leaving Iraq is PREPOSTEROUS. no way Biden beat Obama.

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I think there needs to be a giant protest, like on Trumps Inauguration Day.

Dec 8th, 2020

@Larx265405700124 Why is it preposterous?

Dec 5th, 2020

@Leczorn If Biden wins it means corrupt scumbag democrats get away with their fraud and that means this country is done.

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No you moron. We have a pandemic. Stop

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He gets a spit in the face from me.

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That inauguration just may become a battlefield.

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1) He couldn’t walk that far. 2) He couldn’t attract a big crowd of supporters. 3) He could attract a huge crowd of protesters. 4) Significant chance someone (NOT necessarily Republicans/conservatives) would attempt assassinating Biden, Harris, others in procession. (I’m thinking BLM/Antifa/Black Bloc and similar are likely to make attempts — plural.)

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@Realnews21 So sad you liberals had to come to parler to chase us. what? No one to argue with over there? I have been on this platform awhile and am lmao at all you libtards joining to just attack us since we left Twatter to y'all. Go talk you bullshit amongst yourselves at Twatter.

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There will not be one!! He can imagine all he wants

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He only had 35 million vote for him they just voted two or three times

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@Realnews21 Nobody is talking about donating money stupid. Are all Democrats dumb or is it a select few? Its really hard to tell anymore between you idiots gargling on Bidens old, gray balls, then attempting to hold a legible conversation in the same breath.

+17 Dec 5th, 2020

Too bad Trump won't be holding a virtual inauguration.

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Don't care won't be watching, he is not my President!!!

Dec 5th, 2020

Dream on stupid demoidiot!

Dec 5th, 2020

Randy, do you actually believe that Joe Biden got 10 million +/- more votes than Obama did in 2008? Guys who lose badly in two previous PRIMARIES probably don't have much chance of breaking all time vote records. Their party don't like them.. the other party don't like them.. who voted for Biden?

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He’s afraid millions of Trump supporters would show up, drown him out.

Dec 5th, 2020

It’s all just a simulation-the way he didn’t even run, the collusion with a hyper wealthy few, big tech, the swamp and MSM. Orwellian and deeply disturbing indeed. It is fitting, though, that America’s first dictator be ushered in via a black mirror. With that said, since the inauguration grounds will not be occupied, it seems like the perfect opportunity for the real president and the real voters to show up and celebrate. Joe’s a no show because he is ashamed- and probably a bit scared. What do you say, shall we all meet at the U.S. Capitol building?

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He’s afraid no one would show up. He might fill 20 circles.

Dec 5th, 2020

Biden wants a virtual inauguration because nobody will show up for the real one.

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Biden’s not gonna have an inauguration

+31 Dec 5th, 2020

Biden will NEVER be President.

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If Biteme is Inaugurated I think President Trump should have a huge rally announcing he is running in 2024. Biteme will have a “virtual inauguration” with tens of people watching and President Trump with have tens of Thousands at a rally

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To bad his ass won't be making the walk or having any say over President Trump's inauguration

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Whatever! He knows his phony cheating ass 80 million voters are not showing up just like he couldn’t get more than 10 people to, show up any where he showed his corrupt face.

+1 Dec 5th, 2020

So true!

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@RiverOfTruth We are continuing to see the massive amounts of voter fraud pile up from multiple states. Please join me and look at this hard evidence of voter fraud. Our EYES ARE OPEN and we won't look away from the truth! I am on youtube, Bitchute and I'm going to be on rumble, please like and subscribe and follow me as I talk about all of this! I'm on Parler as @RiverOfTruth

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How can anyone support Trump withhis miserable response to Covid 19 when we all know people who have died from it? I will never forgive his sarcasm of people wearing masks. His ridiculous assertions only a few would die. His fake medical advice. His fisparagement of Dr Fauci. His inability to get PP Gear to our hospitals. His supportersare equally to blame for still defending this lying uncaring President.

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He won’t have an Inauguration, he will have a virtual confession speech conceding to Trump for his crimes against humanity, treason, being a CCP puppet and trying to steal and overthrow our govt. The Fake news and media is continually gaslighting America with their lies and propaganda machines but it will backfire on them very soon. They all are going down in flames.Trump setting the stage for his 2nd term!

+11 Dec 5th, 2020

The reason they’re not having a parade because they’re afraid somebody will shoot their ass.

+1 Dec 5th, 2020

Not so fast Joe

+18 Dec 5th, 2020

Let’s see if he gets 1000 people to tune in for it like his Thanksgiving speech...

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. I don’t think he’ll be allowed to do that from where he’s gonna be ... he’s sure not going to be in the WH

-13 Dec 5th, 2020

Because Biden will be a responsible POTUS unlike the current one.

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biden need to go in a home with those 80,000,000 so called people

+23 Dec 5th, 2020

Hope many tape circles will there be?

+9 Dec 5th, 2020

Ain’t gonna happen! Sleepy Joe will be in his basement watching Trump’s inauguration

+5 Dec 5th, 2020

I think that this will never come to pass!

Dec 5th, 2020


+7 Dec 5th, 2020

The virtual one fits the Bill because the real one is not happening

+4 Dec 5th, 2020

Democrats still afraid that if the go through with this fake inauguration millions of President Trump’s supporter will show.

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I keep praying that I’m going to wake up from this nightmare of fraud and most dishonest election the US has ever had and the truth will have been set free, once and for all. It’s so heartbreaking to see this beautiful country turned into nothing more than the largest Banana Republic on this planet

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Better get two birds same time if that happens.. There is Harris too

+4 Dec 5th, 2020

Biden isn't president elect. Why are you labeling him as such

+3 Dec 5th, 2020

God forbid Biden wins. All the Trump supporters should go to DC to show our disdain if he does.

+7 Dec 5th, 2020

How’s Biden know what Trumps inauguration will look like?

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