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+10 Sep 11th, 2020

American traitor

+1 Sep 16th, 2020


+2 Sep 11th, 2020

September 11th......High Witches Day. Bushes & Clintons LOVE the day.

+1 Sep 16th, 2020

@Edburk I never voted for him.

+3 Sep 17th, 2020

He is a dangerous man he was never qualify To be president and then he was so angry that crooked Hillary lost that he decided to invade the transfer of the presidency he should be arrested for treason. He’s never been a loyal American and that’s why I call him sheik ObamaAnd one day I hope he pays for the horrible things he did to our great President Donald J Trump

Sep 16th, 2020

Islamic Muslim STFU

+5 Sep 16th, 2020

I really wish he would shut up. I do not want to hear him. Didn't want to listen to him when he was President.

+14 Sep 11th, 2020

He and Hillary should Rott in Gitmo

+1 Sep 16th, 2020

I didn’t vote for him but once elected I wished him the best. He certainly is a USA hater. Read his books. Rev Wright the bomber the gun running etc etc. Farachan Jessie and Sharpton. News media did this to us with the teachers union.

+2 Sep 11th, 2020