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This gives you the censored evidence of the Biden Crime Family.


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Rudy Rudy Rudy ... Stahp.

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@Silulugrout Are you the one licking Hunter Biden balls in the video ???? C’mon Man !!! Keep licking you idiot .

-11 Nov 2nd, 2020

hey did you know Retarded Rudy's first wife was his first cousin?? LOL

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Nov 1st, 2020

I can’t see it. Can you?

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BILLION $ BIDEN VIDEO: Biden Brags about Blackmailing Ukraine by withholding $1 Billion Foreign Aid 2 get Prosecutor Fired who was investigating Burisma/Joe’s son Hunter‬ ‪Impeach Trump 4 what he did not do‬ ‪Do Not Impeach Obama/Biden 4 what they did do‬ ‪‬

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Here is the YouTube link.

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The twitter mob in the comment section is a new low in America. Rudy was America’s mayor on 9/11. These Jack asses don’t even remember 9/11 and are so stupid to support a compromised person that’s controlled by China. This lost generation needs to be ignored and looked past to the next generation and hope the indoctrination stops so we have a smarter bunch of young people.

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Rudy!!!! Spend time in any hotels with underage girls from Central Asia lately?

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Where’s Hunter?

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Go here then, his last two or three videos on Biden corruption were very well done as it relates to explanation:

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Amazing they are not in prison yet?

+26 Nov 2nd, 2020

Go ahead Dumbocrats, make my day...

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Only a LYING PIECE OF DOG CRAP would make a statement like you just did. Your head is so far up the rear of the DNC you are one of these.

Nov 1st, 2020

@Grammydeb1 Whether it comes from me or not, the fact is those documents have not been released and if they actually existed, don’t you think they would have been released before now? We are two days from the election.

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Ballots from China?? Biden CRIME FAMILY ??

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You are part of the problem, how can you be so stupid and believe in pedophile Biden and drug addicted son? The FBI and the left are corrupt they lie every day they are corrupt and criminals.

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I believe the FBI coming out now about this money laundering scheme is a ploy to cover their ass for sitting on the Biden hard drive all this time. Now they can say there’s an investigation, this gives them an excuse to drag it on for years to come and nothing will ever get done and eventually fade away and be forgotten!

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Kid is not afraid of corona. He drinks it:)

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And this proves also just how dirty the FBI is because they had all of this on the hard drive for months and DID NOTING!

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Trump win fire wray and barr go with rudy and big dan

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@Heysayer "No one trusts fact checkers?" Not a single person? I find that hard to believe, but if you say so...

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So a car takes on a Black Truck Trump supporter. Bad idea.

Nov 1st, 2020

Nope, there’s enough other damning evidence against the Biden crime syndicate.

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They blocked me yesterday for Posting this

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You look like a man with boobs. Get off of here

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I saw chuck Schumer's name in some of the mess that I was reading over. I wish I had screen shot it

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Sorry I love it!

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Lying Joe Biden has multiple instances on the Lap Top From Hell where he is mentioned as the Big Guy, wow Joe you better get on a fast plane to China

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Loved the interview on OAN . "Biden belongs in a nursing home"

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Your credibility = 0

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@PKTNot All the evidence on hunters laptop & the former business partners & the dea looking at a second laptop connected to money laundering.

Nov 1st, 2020

@Mynameisnobdy LOL. What laptop? Show me the documents suckers! All talk.

Nov 1st, 2020

That’s hunter biden you moron.

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It’s just a YouTube link...

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Senate Panel Investigating Hunter Biden's Failure To Register As Foreign Agent

Nov 2nd, 2020

this is melonhead‘a comment.

Nov 1st, 2020

I guess it’s like uncle joe isn’t compromised by China and Russia right ?

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Is that the same Asian girl that was in the boat with Obama????

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If you find out how to get reinstated let me know. I too have been suspended.

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Just wondering if Kennedy ever showed up to review your documents and if so when is she going to issue her apology

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@Silulugrout No, you are not ignorant! You are a Democrat’ Ass-et !

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Anybody wondering where Tucker’s disappearing and reappearing documents went? Still haven’t seen them. You all are bunch of suckers.

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The info that launched a thousand books !

+14 Nov 1st, 2020

Can’t see, got rid of Twitter!!!

Nov 1st, 2020

@Mynameisnobdy What evidence. Just talk. Sucker!

+3 Nov 1st, 2020

Glad you mentioned Canada PM I'msure hes involved in this whole corruption with china etc and the money laundering

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