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+3 Dec 3rd, 2020

Election cannot be certified legally. Congress will have to vote. One vote for each state. 37 of which are Republican!!!

+34 -2 Dec 3rd, 2020

Never EVER concede to this evil! Our Country is under attack

Dec 3rd, 2020

After watching the documentary Kill Chain, it appears he was bought and paid for in the 2018 election. You can't shoot the golden goose and admit election issues.

+19 Dec 3rd, 2020

They can’t match signatures because the envelopes got tossed. On purpose I’m sure. What will it take to make this right? Trump won the election. And it’s being stolen !!!!

Dec 3rd, 2020

I believe democrats cheated for biden, and idiot biden didnt even know it.

Dec 3rd, 2020

@Judysmithwl Yes. According to the voter tapes he should have lost in 2018. I'm a diehard republican but after the documentary and the buying of new machines for 2020, I think he was bought out by Dominion.

Dec 3rd, 2020

@Shawnaterres But he’s about as far from Christ-like as it gets..

+17 Dec 3rd, 2020

I’m so sorry I voted for Kemp! That will be the last vote he’ll ever get from me if he plans on running again. RINO piece of doggie doo.

+1 Dec 3rd, 2020

Let’s hope these rhinos don’t ruin it

+3 -2 Dec 3rd, 2020

Gauntlet? I’d call you a bimbo but you have to be good looking. Instead, I’ll call you a twat.

-2 Dec 3rd, 2020

I wish this fat orange clown would just give up.

+23 Dec 3rd, 2020

Kemp is a disgrace Trump shouldn’t have to ask that pos governor should want to an already did it !!

+22 Dec 3rd, 2020

Fight back Mr President!

+4 Dec 3rd, 2020

Greatness Mr President you are awesome

+23 Dec 3rd, 2020

Loved his speech! Don’t let them steal the election!

+1 Dec 3rd, 2020

Trust me, he is catching HELL from 99% of commenters on his Facebook. I am one of Millions of pissed off Georgians!!

Dec 3rd, 2020

Name calling doesn’t change the fact that Democrats are trying to steal my vote

+1 Dec 3rd, 2020

@Shawnaterres Sir, you are very rude

Dec 3rd, 2020

Too late. I already prayed for a Biden win with my superior prayers. My prayers kicked your prayers ass, 306-232.

+9 Dec 3rd, 2020

Unfortunately the same shit is going to happen in January! GA corruption has not been fixed and Republicans will just lay down & let the DIMMS roll over us!! Nov 3rd election MUST B deemed NULL & VOID. All citizens must recite in person with photo is as we have successfully done in years past!