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Free Kyle Rittenhouse!!!! The Lake County state’s attorney’s office says it will not file additional charges against Kyle Rittenhouse in connection to the gun he allegedly used to fatally shoot two people during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Antioch police determined that his rifle was purchased, stored and used in Wisconsin — not in violation of Illinois law, the state’s attorney’s office said Tuesday in a statement.


Oct 13th, 2020

I live in Lake County. This kid was treated UNFAIRLY by the MSM.

+49 Oct 13th, 2020

Kyle’s life matters!!!

+8 Oct 13th, 2020

He said that from Day one — they charged him with it initially with no evidence. Bad faith prosecution all the way.

+1 Oct 13th, 2020

Tommy’s got it tough in Britain so don’t mess with him!

+25 Oct 13th, 2020

this guy is a wanker

Oct 14th, 2020

Silly cunt

Oct 14th, 2020

You are what we refer to as a fucking spunk trumpet, just stop

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We'd like to order one presidential medal of freedom please!

+2 Oct 14th, 2020

Keep broadcasting your dream, it keeps us all laughing and smiling like we do when video of Biden rally tallies show he couldn't fill a phone booth.

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Free Tommy Robinson's brain!!!! Kyle is good, we'll take care of him. Go to Speaker's Corner and yell some shit. Don't forget your gun. #Holomodor, unless of course your knockin' back the jew currency...

+24 Oct 13th, 2020

I grew up in Lake County, this was a great and correct decision. Now free him.

+2 Oct 13th, 2020

Kyle is going to be a rich young man when the charges are dropped and he sues the crap out of them.

+2 Oct 14th, 2020

sdeswriter@gmail.com I don't know if you're aware of this, but he has two lawyers representing him that are beyond fucked. One of them is a guy from California with limited experience in the field who unethically contacted the family to try to represent him and set up donations that he has 100% access to. He also currently has financial problems and is being sued by about a dozen lawyers that he's worked with who claim he's unethical. The other seems to be losing his grip on reality. This kid is screwed....

+2 Oct 14th, 2020

@Frank796984858670 I can not believe he was charged and then tarred as a white suprematist but all or most western MSM are not our friends but are complicit in undermining our society and therefore are the people’s enemy the snakes

Oct 14th, 2020

If it’s the last thing I do in life it’s going to be to end the life of the people who prosecuted Kyle.

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Kyle will be fine, a couple months in jail is a small price to pay for never ever ever having to buy a single beer ...

+16 Oct 13th, 2020

This is a travesty. If he was a antifa/blm jaggoff he would already be out and no charges. Seems to be two tiered justice. If you want to be a leftist asshole.. you are good to go. I blame soros. He is the fucking nazi.

+6 Oct 13th, 2020

When did it become two? He shot two, one in the arm who I thought lived and the other who tried to kill him with a skateboard got put down.

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Rittenhouse stood up to protect and defend his town when the local government and PD stood down to BLM and Antifa putting eveyone and their property at rick. . The kid is a hero with big balls. Bravo.

+32 Oct 13th, 2020

This is fantastic news! Kyle will have to be very vigilant when he is released because the violent Marxist Democrat supporters, antifa and BLM will be gunning for him. I hope he wins the lawsuit against the Biden campaign and gets a lot of money because he deserves it.

+6 Oct 13th, 2020

I think of him sometimes, if that means anything. I know it doesn't when you're the one behind the bars facing life in Prison. I hope people with a little gave him some canteen money ffs. i really hope he's not surviving on jail food in isolation, but, like everything else, I'm sure he is.

+1 Oct 13th, 2020

wtf kind of comment is that? how much time have you served, im curious?

+26 Oct 13th, 2020

And isn’t it strange he is a minor, and they plastered his picture. Name. And where he lived. THEY NEVER DO THAT! The mass shooters info is always withheld. Why this kid?

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Free Kyle rittenhouse

-1 Oct 13th, 2020

@Debferkler3... Got a thought, or just a drive by? BTW, you are absolutely NOT redpilled. Not even close.

+9 Oct 14th, 2020

Why is he in jail and the felon with a glock Fred? WTF

+21 Oct 13th, 2020

It was self defense

+10 Oct 13th, 2020

Everyone can securely donate to help support and defend Kyle Rittenhouse at #fightback foundation

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If/when he gets off, the butthurt is going to be off the charts from the "Just let us beat you" crowd. Free Kyle Rittenhouse Self-defense is a fundamental human right.

+1 Oct 14th, 2020

I'm sure he will get praise and thanks wherever he goes.