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+1 Nov 13th, 2020


+3 Nov 13th, 2020

Just a thought... what if a million person March surged the Capital on Jan 1st and held people accountable for their sins against Americans. Going in hot and heavy. You know, really giving them a piece of our minds . Maybe they would listen to us more? You know Really shout them down?

+24 Nov 13th, 2020

I so agree with with You I am after Soros for a long time. He should of never be allowed to have USA Citizenship!

+25 Nov 13th, 2020

Yes we do. I never imagined how entrenched the cockroaches are into our government at all levels. Trump has shined the light and they’re scurrying but we have to finish the job and put in measures so it doesn’t happen ever again!

+2 Nov 13th, 2020

@Stevenjsargent I bookmarked that site ❤ After DC I know where I'll be doing my t-shirt shopping.

+6 Nov 13th, 2020

Thx for your hard work Just donated

+2 Nov 13th, 2020


+11 Nov 13th, 2020

provide an address for mailing a donation.and who to make the check out to

+10 Nov 13th, 2020

Guns Guns Ammo Ammo Food/water/sleep Guns Guns Ammo Ammo Get ready to take streets if POTUS states. This shit gonna go down fast hard and quick. i suggest we all use nextdoor app- start alignment with like minded people. Be ready to protect community at a moments notice. I have done this in 2 neighborhoods. Please consider doing the same.

+4 Nov 13th, 2020

If I purchase something from the site, does it go towards the Digital Warriors group?