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I’ve been told at times to tone down my message or not be as forceful in my pursuit for liberty. Sorry, not happening. America isn’t getting a second chance after this election. Pitch in $17.76 today to join me in my fight for freedom! secure.winred.com/lauren-boebert-for-congress/win


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@badlands6416 Detractors? What the fuck does that even mean? So this is a free speech site as long as you tea-bagging king Golfs-a-Lot. And if I'm so despicable, then why are you following me? Press unfollow and fuck off! Go eat a pile of dogshit out of your Made in CHINA Maga hat.

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Why are detractors even here despicable

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@TrumpHasATruckButt I'm not following you ass wipe free speech true unlike twotter with your anarchist friends. Enjoy

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Toning it down is how we got into this mess in the first place. We've been taking the "high road" while the Left has consistently undercut, undermined, and overwhelmed us. History is rarely made by well-behaved women. Go get 'em. No quarter.

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Never Tone down. Turn up the volume !!