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#Pfizer's #vaccine being flown on dry-ice packed United Airlines charter planes. #COVID19


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@RhondaJordan So glad you idiots wasn't around for the polio vaccine. We'd be super fucked.

Nov 28th, 2020

Build up your system with diet, exercise, positive aspects. It is nefarious. Many of us are disposable to the ones who are determined to control.

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It’s not actually a “chip”. It’s something else DARPA developed and it’s called hydro gel. It changes your DNA me thinks. And it can be read to see what going on in your body.

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I think if you asked 100 people if they would Gladly take a #covid #vaccine, you might get 4 out of 100? I don’t know anyone who is excited to inject this stuff???? This flu has a 99.99% survival rate. #scamdemic #plandemic #cv19 #covidvaccine #pfizer

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So long as there's no chip involved, I would like to have the vaccine. I'm immunocompromised and so, so long as it was safe, and not nefarious (chip/tracking) I would take it.

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This needs to be provided to those who need it, not the general public.

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My body my choice. Not to mention I don't trust the people that brought us oxycontin and proclaimed it to be non-addictive. Not to mention some of the biggest supporters and financiers of this vaccine have publicly mentioned that the population should be reduced by 7 billion. If you want the vaccine, by all means take it. I won't and don't have to

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And Biden can take it I wouldn’t!

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Well if Gates has anything to do with it it will have other components attached! Be aware!

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The only people who need the vaccine are senior citizens and very sickly people

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If everyone actually took this vaccine, it would completely eliminate this virus from our country within a month. Of course half the people in this country will reject it and we will continue to get sick from it. When it has passed through enough people, it will mutate into a stronger more resistant killer. There won't be another vaccine to replace this one and even if there were, you idiots wouldn't take that one either. Now cry me a river about mercury poisoning. I dare ya.

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Wow You are just making stuff up Interesting how you can predict what will happen in the future BTW stop compare covid (99.9% survival rate...and that’s if you get it) to polio

Nov 28th, 2020

This is no vaccine! You need to do your researchand there is a 14 week aborted fetus cells in it. Tske it if you want but it will connect yor dna and change your whole system.

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Thank you, Jesus! They will no longer have any leverage to use against us.

Nov 28th, 2020

Why is it in dry ice????

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Isn’t Joe “Rosie Ruiz” Biden the greatest??? He will probably take credit!

Nov 28th, 2020

Oh dear that’s just awful!! Look like she needs to see a real Dr before she looses her foot!! Sterile abscess!

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The Dems will take it they demanded it