+194 21k views Aug 25th, 2020

I've received an invitation from President Trump to attend his acceptance speech at the White House on Thursday evening. It is an absolute honor to be chosen as one of President Trump's guests at this important event.


Aug 29th, 2020

The thing I don't get, is President Trump didn't invite Laura Loomer, who will be his Congresswoman, when she wins Nov. 3rd. It's nice to see he invited you Lauren, along with Marjorie Greene and Kim Klacik. Not sure why the snub of Laura in his own district?

Aug 25th, 2020

Don’t let us down and never sell out your country or your principles

Aug 26th, 2020

That is awesome! Congratulations!

+2 Aug 25th, 2020

That’s so awesome, Laura! Enjoy every patriotic moment!!