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It is no coincidence that @GovKristiNoem and the great Winston Churchill share a birthday! Happy birthday, Governor Noem!


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Happy bday @GovernorNoem

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Who the hell is Howard moore?

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Happy Birthday

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Miss congresswoman, you're under estimating Yourself. By God's grace you had the courage, the fortitude the stand up against the swamp, the establishment, the joke of a media and achieve something they thought you would not. The media in this state hold stupid little pantomimes for young girls to become scientists! You showed that they can become much more. You are an embarrassment to the liberal women of the state of Colorado yet an example to all women and young girls and men what can be achieved! Your humility your sass and your guts are incredible stick to your promises and remember who put you there never forget that, God first then the people who voted you in, you are a patriot and don't let anyone say otherwise may God guide your decision and wisdom

Nov 30th, 2020

Isn't he Pelosi's nephew?

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The Republicans need your vote to win. Not voting gives them the Senate. Voting in a large block will prove the presidential race was rigged.

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I'm in Texas, and I admit I'm jealous of South Dakota too! Gov Abbott isn't bad, but he's no Kristi Noem!

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You INSULT Winston Churchill and every true Brit.... YOU FUCKING TRAILER TRASH OILY GREEK CUNT.

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@Deserttx Not sure but I’m blocking and muting him he’s repulsive calling everyone a c word