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I’m the mother of four boys. Each of them are far more capable of running this country than Joe Biden.


-2 Aug 15th, 2020

Coloradans should pass on putting this “right-wing lunatic” into Congress

+11 Aug 13th, 2020

I have two pet cats. One of them is more capable than Joe Biden. The other one is just a regular cat.

+2 Aug 13th, 2020

@TrumpHasATruckButt Just like I said… Y’all are so hung up on your own and others genitalia. Maybe when you get out of puberty, you’ll get over the fascination. It won’t be so funny anymore. Don’t worry… You’ll grow up. Someday. *yawn*

+4 Aug 13th, 2020

Are they all white? Hard to believe you could parent four of the worst genetic creatures ever all at once! . JK I’m the mother of two of them and grandmother of two of them. My youngest grandson at 10 is more coherent than Sleepy Joe.

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And you have no high school education and are in a cult. You have no business running anything but a double fryer.

-1 Aug 16th, 2020

She’s not a lunatic Get your stuff together

-1 Aug 16th, 2020

You have no idea what you’re talking about You should be held accountable for slander

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@BethocAeilflaed I can't talk right now, your boyfriends cock is in my mouth. Y'ALL have a nice day now!

+1 Aug 13th, 2020

@TrumpHasATruckButt Awwww. Sweety. You a Tik Tok refugee? Y’all seem to be obsessed with dancing and/or what you stick up your butt. Also…y’all seem to be rather overly interested in what other people do with their genitalia. What a boring life. But… Just wait until your marbles drop! You’ll even have to start using DEODORANT like a BIG KID! Maybe mommy will get you your own stick that smells like BABY POWDER! It’ll be a comforting smell for you. You could even stick THAT up your… Oh… Never mind.

-2 Aug 13th, 2020

@BethocAeilflaed Good comeback. How long did it take you to think that one up? Of course, I don't expect much from someone who I strongly suspect suffers from "mountain dew mouth".

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@BethocAeilflaed Nice profile pic. Don't you have some tombs to raid?

+1 Aug 13th, 2020

Hell I have two rat terriers that have more sense than pedo joe and the ho

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Which one do you like to stick your dick into?

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@BethocAeilflaed Another gem...bored now. Y'all have fun at the tractor pull!