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President Trump just authorized $430 MILLION to combat sex trafficking! There are few issues as important as this & I couldn’t be happier to see an administration finally prioritize this.


+8 Aug 11th, 2020

God bless him and his warriors

-3 Aug 12th, 2020

...and Donald J. Trump. Don't forget about him!!

Aug 12th, 2020

@TrumpHasATruckButt The great thing about the 1st Amend, I don’t care what he said to Access Hollywood!! I mean really, so what! He said when you’re rich women let you do anything. I hate to burst your bubble but, THATS TRUE! Ever see a rock concert, the panties, bras being thrown on stage. The girls going back stage. What do you thinks happening ? C’mon!

+1 Aug 12th, 2020

Then we must make more noise!

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@FFGSailor Okay, I thought we were actually having an intelligent back and forth, but I guess not. First of all, just because it happened a long time ago, doesn't mean it's not true. I guess the other 25+ women who have accused him of sexual assault and/or rape were all lying too right? Just do me a favor. I'm actually begging you. Read the access hollywood transcript. don't listen...read it. Then ask yourself if it would be okay with you if Trump spoke about your mother, or little sister, or girlfriend, or wife like that. Would you be cool with that? It's not "locker room talk". It's not even about sex. It's about power. Just like sexual assault. It is all about power.

+3 Aug 11th, 2020

GREAT sadly the news media will ignore it

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@FFGSailor Katie Johnson filed court papers in New York. She explicitly describes having non consensual sex with both men at Epstein's Manhattan apartment at 13. She even claims that Trump smacked her in the face when she resisted. The court filings are public record. You can look it up...

+7 Aug 11th, 2020

Good job Trump. God protect you, because this goes all the way to the top of the most powerful people in the world

+3 -1 Aug 16th, 2020

Best President ever Obama did nothing but turn a blind eye on sex trafficking

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@TrumpHasATruckButt Its our Lil Communist buddy. We see you havnt gotten any smarter Comrade. Still regurgitating the Party smear campaign. Mommys big Boy !

Aug 12th, 2020

@TrumpHasATruckButt How old is she now? Just wondering which column to add her too. The fabricated victim from 30 years ago, the Leftist created, with no evidence OR a gold digger with a good lie. Tough one

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@FFGSailor I'm not saying that Bill Clinton is innocent...but the fact that no one wants to mention Trump's past abusing women is bullshit to me. If they go down. He should go down too. One of Epstein's girls said she was forcibly raped by epstein and trump when she was 13. I'm not giving Uncle Bill a pass. Not giving Trump one either.

Aug 12th, 2020

@TrumpHasATruckButt Never heard that story, are sure it’s not just wishful thinking

-3 Aug 12th, 2020

@TJC111292 Yep. It's me. I may have not gotten any smarter, but you sure keep getting dumber, Maybe you should pull the oversized trump shaped, orange dildo out of your ass. Your boyfriend might want to fist you later.

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Don't forget your rapist orange master who has been accused by over 25 women of some form of sexual assault, including forcible rape. INCLUDING his ex-wife who accused him of FORCIBLE marital rape, INCLUDING one of Epstein's girls who said she was 13 when Epstein AND Trump(your orange god) FORCIBLY RAPED HER. Read all about it. The court filings are public. He should go down with the others. If you don't see that you are truly in denial and a special kind of stupid. You have a nice day now.

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So far 51 downvotes on fighting child sex trafficking. Leftists ! SMH ! They really are Vermin !