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Nov 10th, 2020

I am soo happy to se youuu , I lost you on F B

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I shit my pants

Nov 10th, 2020

Will you tell @SeanHannity to let me suck his cock, please.

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Congratulations on winning the house seat! Are you aware of the Truckers strike 2020?

Nov 11th, 2020

There’s another random, no context, social media post that someone is mistaking for evidence...

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@realmarjoriegreene I reported you to OIG/FEC online... I also sent a letter and had many other people send letters reporting your fraudulent activity... STOP SCAMMING PRESIDENT TRUMP SUPPORTERS! They have already been through enough shit without having to have people like you take advantage of them when they are at their most vunerable!!! See my complaint below... To: OIG/FEC Marjorie Taylor Greene has been asking President Trump supporters to sign the STOP THE STEAL petition and once they sign the petition her website asks for donations under the guise of STOP THE STEAL but the money is going to her campaign... Isn't this ILLEGAL??? It seems she is scamming supporters who think that money is going to help President Trump!

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Nov 11th, 2020

Prove it ‍♂️