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Twitter suspended me today for 12 hours ... It seems like President Trump is their enemy #1 and I'm enemy #2. We must fight Big Tech Censorship of conservatives ... or they'll shut all of us up and cancel us out. I'll fight for freedom of speech as the Congresswoman from Northwest Georgia! SAVE AMERICA. STOP SOCIALISM. DEFEAT THE DEMOCRATS! -- Marjorie


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Consider it an honor! The commie lovers hate you!

Sep 8th, 2020

Every time she gets banned from Twitter her thighs get just a little bit bigger. She’s gonna scissor lock the Commies right out of Congress!

Sep 8th, 2020

Enemy #2? Slow down, killer. You’ve got the #2 thing working, but in a Porto-Potty kind of way. You need to step up your game to get into Trump’s orbit. Maybe march some maskless boys into an old soldiers home to teach those old losers what real men look like?

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Iam just back from a week ban! For disagreeing with and arguing with a leftie! Is disgusting! So much for free speech! If it’s not left wing bullshit then your gona get banned!

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Consider that nearly all social media companies are clustered in and around San Francisco/south bay/Silicon Valley. All employees and leadership are living in an information bubble and engage in group-think. Despite the shared and narrow worldview, they control the messaging and shared opinions and thoughts of billions of people.

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Fuck a mask. And fuck twatter. You go girl.

Sep 9th, 2020

@Annaland If she had any brains, she’d have nothing in common with her voters. Gotta work with whatcha got

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Enemy #2? Thinking a little too highly of yourself. Welcome to the millions of people that twitter has suspended.

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Marjorie, you and Laura Loomer will be Big Techs downfall.

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All the social medias are on a campaign to silence conservatives. FB has the largest incarceration facility since HELL was invented. Twitter is next followed by ABC news sites that still allow comments. Even Canadian and European media sites that allow comments will delete your comments or refuse to post them if they have a conservative bent. Facebook has new "community standards" coming into effect October 1 that has many convinced their accounts will be suspended. FB is trying to corral people into "like minded" groups where your comments will only be exposed to those who think as you do. In this way you cannot dispute lies and misconceptions about Trump and conservatives or Israel. It is backhanded censorship.

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Yeah I doubt it was just for that. I’m sure you got triggered and had a meltdown.