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We should ALL pray for the health & safety of President Trump & his family. #Fightback for Our Liberty


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Dear Lord please keep President Trump strong in this battle for America. Also give strength to Melania, Trump's family and staff. Watch over America and may the truth prevail. Amen

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PEOPLE... STOP TALKING ABOUT ***IF*** PRESIDENT TRUMP LOSES!!! Remember that President Trump is a STABLE GENIUS, he knew they were gonna try to steal this election, he was way ahead of them... Just CHILL and WATCH! President Trump is gonna blow the lid off the demon-KKK-rats voter fraud like no one has ever seen!

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I’m a Christian and I can tell you in times of war God expects you to act. Prayer is not a strategy as you’re being slaughtered. The Jews prayed before they went to the gas chambers. Prayer is what you do before the battle so that you might have strength to fight, not during the battle in vain hope that you’ll be spared. Stop telling people to pray and trust God. How arrogant of you to think they haven’t been doing that already. A real warrior of God would call his followers to battle.

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2020 Team Election Prayer Vigil with Father Frank Pavone at 7pm

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Anything happens to our President, 100 million Patriots will storm the swamp.

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Absolutely correct..!!!! Stay safe but FIGHT BACK LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER FOUGHT BEFORE PRESIDENT TRUMP..!!!!!

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We owe Trump everything, he owes us nothing. We are going to win this! Steve Bannon is Live Right Now to explain how! Bannon and team are in the War Room for a special two hour show tonight (11/5/20 5PM ET). @WarRoomPandemic is where you will find the best election strategy and analysis from an strong America First perspective.

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I agree. Bc we all know the left is gonna try to hang him if Biden wins... If they go after Trump with more BS allegations and get the new DOJ on board to prosecute, it would be time for us to strap up stand up for him. He’s done so much for us already. 200 Fed Judges, 3 SCOTUS’s. Tax cuts, lowest unemployment. And don’t forget. He broke the Washington establishment. They’re fractured. They’re still there yes. But they’ll never be the same. The democrats/socialists have PERMANENTLY lost 49% of America!

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Got mine today! Love it. ❤️

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Where are all the other Republicans?

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Heavenly Father, cover them with your angel armies! “No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord. Isaiah 54:17

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Rallies are happening!

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We are praying and leaning on God

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@JeffersonBiggs Y’all sound like immature kids who just lost a game of checkers.

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Fight how?

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You are as delusional as Biden is.

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@ConcernedCitizen247 Wow you are so mature you sound like a first grader having a temper tantrum.

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@Marianorma52 Then maybe we need to check into this. . Just in case!

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@Gr2134 I can think of a couple million patriots that would take up arms and go to battle in less than 24 hours if called to do so.

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They just terminated the stream. Said it violated their terms of use.

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Been praying but I’m all out of cheeks to turn.

Nov 7th, 2020

Amen. Ido.

Nov 7th, 2020

Absolutely ! Unless you are okay with becoming the new Chinamerica, I personally am not on board with that.

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I believe we need to do both...pray and then prepare for battle!! . When we stand for what is right and true...then there is victory. So...pray and ask God to cover you...give you wisdom to do what is right and then put on the whole armor of God!!

Nov 7th, 2020


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FCK that traitorous piece of lying dog shit!!! May he get pancreatic cancer and die a slow horribly painful Death!