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Aug 22th, 2020

@WokeCommunistTakeover Immigrants & their children should be made to do public service FIRST Not citizens Anchor babies 1st Not citizens YOU HATE CITIZENS?

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@CrazyAnthropologist They are brainwash to always play victim like their Warlord

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DR. ANDREW KAUFMAN EXPOSES THE SCAMDEMIC Click on the picture. Please like and echo. Apologies if this gets redundant, but if you can understand this video, you will understand every prevailing lie about Corona, and how to stop the mass brainwashing the powers at be are trying to destroy us all with. Please like and echo. Copy paste this post and make your own parley please. If you click on the image and it doesn't work please go to bitchute.com and search for Dr. Andrew Kaufman, click on the video that says magic trick.

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Democrats ally with Supremacist for POWER oppress abuse rape women children LGBT Only way stop biggest most violent racist Supremacist is expose them as Supremacist worse than Nazis. They silence Patriots cause they have a lot to hide If all Patriots expose truth women would run away from Democrats

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No Actually that happened when we put a Muslim terrorist in the White House

Aug 22th, 2020

@CrazyAnthropologist 1400yrs muslim invasions from mind of evil Warlord Worse than Nazis

Aug 22th, 2020

@Mikehatesevil It's all a word game. Like talking about Whites as inherently evil because of slavery... The Muslim-run UN separated the term White from Caucasoid/ Caucasian to hide their Caucasian Muslim history (still active today) of slavery. Like Muslims are goodie two shoes. Caucasian/Caucasoid is a solid scientific category in Physical Anthropology. To fool with it is just a WORD GAME to attempt to take our rights, power, and possessions because Muslims are sooo saintly and good. Now, I'm stereotyping. Yes. But at some point you have to stand up or dig the hole they'll kneel you before for your very own wonderful decapitation.

Aug 22th, 2020

Hey Troll! Not really...

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DC DEMS HATE THIS Dem voters ❤️ it - Basic purging of US TAX PAYERS MONEY if waste fraud abuse or insanity UN money to dictatorships USAid to a former Nazi Youth US aid to countries that burn our flag etc Just “Foreign spending” cut USE THE SAVINGS 1$4$1 On USA INFRASTRUCTURE & HURTING VETERANS 90% on USA infrastructure 10% on vets & hire 100ks of vets to do some of the infrastructure Easily 1-2 Trillion a decade Spending the loot in America grows GDP & shrinks deficits It stops future deficit spending on infrastructure PERPETUAL TRILLIONS FOREVERMORE SPENT IN Unite union members & soccer moms & businesses big & small No one gives a crap about eliminating stupid spending Unless it goes to TAX CUTS & USA INFRASTRUCTURE Human nature OurStuffBack2020•com

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QAnon wacko alert

+6 Aug 22th, 2020

Yes !!!!! Let's get the young blooded fighting Republicans to run for office to get the old fart do nothing Republicans out of office. Run against them or we will have the same crap NIT HELPING PRESIDENT Trump

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Because we're just Infidels. Infidels aren't even human. We're animals--to do with as Muslims see fit. As long as we pay our tribute tax (jizyah), we serve a purpose. Well, there are personal servants and that annoying sex-slave thing...But don't worry. We already pay the tribute tax to Muslim refugees in the form of our tax-payer dollars going to welfare. This explains why they have the nerve to stand shouting and shrieking that what $ they receive in welfare isn't enough.