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Be vigilant as many powerful & wealthy bad actors actively seek to trample our Constitutional rights to control us for their gain. They need to be reminded that they have no power over We The People. Freedom Loving Americans shall prevail. Speak truth. Be fearless. #FightBack


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Twitter is suppressing my freedom of speech. Apparently the sexual exploitation of minors is okay? These satanic people need to be burned.

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ALERT ALERT ALERT Anyone living in blue states or Democrat governor states, PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL BOARD OF ELECTIONS. They are attempting to silence us. The governor in my state, about 1 1/2 weeks ago, announced that both mail-in AND in person voting would be allowed. I was not aware of any limitations until today when I called my local board of elections. My governor does nothing without first coordinating with the rest of his cohorts. If happening to you too contact AG Barr through the DOJ website below: There’s a pop up menu that allows you to choose your recipient, I chose “Message to Attorney General”. They might ignore me but they they can’t ignore all of us. Copy of letter sent included:

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Lin, i am praying voter fraud does not prevail.

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Kyle Rittenhouse suffers each day he is in jail. The boy must be freed.

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Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero!

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I followed you and shared. Get the word out

Sep 11th, 2020

Mr Wood, how do I donate to help you fight?

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Amen. We need to pray continually that God protect us from the evil in our midst , stand for what is right and speak loudly when anyone attacks our ability to worship our God. The fight is coming -

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