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Mental illness. Suicide. Despair. Like President Donald J. Trump said, “the cure” should not be worse than the disease. These numbers are immeasurable and heartbreaking. -- MTG


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But it's not a cure That's the thing

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Would it be evil of me to hope that they are all Dems with these problems

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Did you learn your big words and all your misinformation while getting your liberal alerts degree off your rich parents?? ASS!!

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Notto mention the abuse and neglect they're getting without their families allowed into check up on them.

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Marjorie why in the world would the republican judge dismiss the pa lawsuit with all the evidence? What now!! I am so mad.

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Democrats don't care

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Heartbreaking yes but no one is stopped families front taking there parents home. How do you propose to keep the everyone in a nursing home safe when it only takes one person to bring in a contagion that could infect the whole nursing home? Which is worse possible death by virus or the possibility to resume normality when we have a vaccine?

Nov 30th, 2020

@LeighLeighisMe Yeah but I'm also talking about abuse/neglect from the staff in these homes which has been well documented and there's no one watching!

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Over 80 million dead bodies

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...while Trumpsters die of morbit stupidity and obstinate ignorance.

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How most in nursing homes have always died! The American way, put the old away! 2+2 = 4 might as well blame that on Covid also! Covid is a weapon, that the CIA and China got patents on to bring Trump down! Then it just snowballed! They are saying many has died from Covid, if so the funeral homes etc would be overrun with bodies! Bodies piled up everywhere! Wake up!

Nov 29th, 2020

And your killing people because your one of the sheeple. What part of 99% survival rate do idiots like you not understand

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I agree and yet, all the Democrats want to focus on is locking people down to isolate them from society

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No, Reed, he really isn’t. I wish he was, but he isn’t. Two weeks ago, Rudy Giuliani brought a convicted pedophile to a press conference as a “witness.” That’s far from what might be called progress.

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I blame Obama and it wife Michael I mean Michelle...

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2 words. "Death Panels."

Nov 29th, 2020

@LeighLeighisMe I agree. It is fortunate to not be in one. Necessary I feel for some cases but not for everyone. I’m sorry for your loss.

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I had an elderly patient this week tell me : “What you young people don’t understand, is that once you get to be my age, a month is like a year. Every day is like a week. You never know when the last time you go to sleep will be. You never know when that hug from the grandkids will be the last. My kids have refused to see me since March, because of fear that they’ll make me sick. But what the don’t know is that being with out them is already making me dead.” 89 yo HW. Her visit to my office was done in secret and in defiance of her kids’ wishes. It was the first time she had seen anyone in 8 months. She snuck in a huge hug before she left and I returned the embrace while holding in tears.

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Thats what they want. The fascists see them as unnecessary and a burden on society.

Nov 29th, 2020

Say what speak English

Nov 30th, 2020

@Jsphbellis Not really the people here for the most part are great people but they are tired of what has and is being done to them perhaps you enjoy being shit on when you don’t deserve it but most people have a limit to this but being a Troll you may not understand that

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These are the saddest stories and such a tragedy.

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Shameful. These demons want to murder elderly and babies but we are the deplorable folks?

Nov 29th, 2020

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