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KYLE RITTENHOUSE UPDATE I just spoke by phone with Kyle from Kenosha Jail. Court refused to lower $2M bail. Kyle asked me to thank ALL who have donated, said he was praying for his supporters & asked that you stay strong. Remarkable boy. Thinking of others ahead of himself. We are still short $600K for the $2M bail. Please help this brave boy. FightBack.law/donate


+12 Nov 2nd, 2020

Look at Judge Sullivan and what he is doing to Michael Flynn. These judges are completely rogue and doing whatever the hell they want.

+7 Nov 3rd, 2020

Why do the anarchists not have to post bail????

+23 Nov 2nd, 2020

Just donated. So ridiculous to think this young man has such a high bail and while those looting and destroying are booked and released. So much for blind justice.

+3 Nov 2nd, 2020

Not in this state... you have to post the whole amount there

+37 Nov 2nd, 2020

Trump must get him out of this fake imprisonment, disbar the judge, give a Purple Heart to Kyle and have him hired directly under the supervision of Sheriff Clarke.

+22 Nov 2nd, 2020

Isn't it 10%??

+4 Nov 3rd, 2020

If this was a democrat the bail would have been raised in ten minutes. Get off your asses & help this hero, donate NOW!

+24 Nov 2nd, 2020

If Wisconsin thinks persecuting Kyle Rittenhouse is a smart idea, imagine what will happen if they maliciously prosecute Kyle Rittenhouse. Their state will be bankrupt. Please help bail him out of jail. They are up to $ 1.4 million with $600,000 to go. I donated $100.00 of my SSI this morning. #fightback.

+10 Nov 2nd, 2020

So that means it’s 20 million? Bail is always 10 percent

+1 Nov 2nd, 2020

@Shycountryboy005 you were right. however, i guarantee you democrats would find a way around this, so i know we can.

+3 Nov 2nd, 2020

That’s what I’d like to know too.

Nov 3rd, 2020

@ConservativeGramma I'm sorry for them. A county in nebraski re-elected their Sheriff while he was sitting in his own jail for a burglary. Nemaha, 1960's I think. Frightening place, that.

+8 Nov 2nd, 2020

This attorney got Nick Sandmann’s large settlement with the news media. Look him up.

+16 Nov 3rd, 2020

Do not expect any justice in a Democrat run state. Pray Trump gets reelected and pardons Kyle. I am praying.

Nov 2nd, 2020

@InfoFeed019141239 Oh I just thought he was defending himself

+1 Nov 3rd, 2020

Your joking?! No wonder this country is in the shape it's in. No one pays attention to shit.

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You’re confident Kyle won’t skip any appearance in court, so why don’t you post the remainder of the bail? The money is refunded when he makes the court date, whether he’s wrongly convicted or not and having to refund the money to one person is easier than returning money to thousands. If Kyle is found guilty of anything for using deadly force in a situation where retreat was impossible, Matthew Dolloff would be guilty of first degree murder because pepper spray in open air does not impede the ability to retreat.

+28 Nov 2nd, 2020

George Floyd the criminal drug addict got more than 2 mill-says it all about the USA at the moment

Nov 3rd, 2020

@Kathrynzav For when they’re realllllllyyy pissed

Nov 3rd, 2020

@ConservativeGramma It still bankrupted Gage County.

+2 Nov 2nd, 2020

@Shycountryboy005 the federal government is above state and local governments?

+2 Nov 2nd, 2020

@Navynurseveteran Ahh, ok. Thank you

+5 Nov 3rd, 2020

I thought liberal were fir no bail? At least that is what we are voting for in California.. that’s a big NO from me!!! ☑️

+1 Nov 3rd, 2020

@Desertratphil It’s a mess. I’ve got family there.

+3 Nov 2nd, 2020

It is malicious at this stage, evidence is overwhelming and his armed attacker with prior felonies remains free

Nov 3rd, 2020

If he were a Democrat they would have released him. Have you looked into his prosecutor? Ugh.

+16 Nov 2nd, 2020

If his bail is 2M...the bond should only be 200k. 10%

+19 Nov 2nd, 2020

Who would you rather have your kid be? Kyle Rittenhouse or David Hogg? Hahahahaha! What a silly, question I know! I was just thinking about how other Americans would respond.

-1 Nov 3rd, 2020

The Beatrice 6 were druggies and thugs. That was a ridiculous settlement.

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+3 Nov 3rd, 2020

That isnt always the case.

+3 Nov 2nd, 2020

the DA is an asshole

+6 Nov 2nd, 2020

@SFinWest It’s gotta be a political statement....Kyle is under 18, and what the fuck ever happened to INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN guilty??!! Who is setting bond?? I mean COME ON someone should be able to get that boy out before now!! Money grab by city?? Is it just demonrats who can hold people hostage??

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+18 Nov 2nd, 2020

Donated again and will continue to do so as long as I am able to financially. #fightback #BailOutKyleRittenhouse #FightForKylesRelease #IStandWithKyleRittenhouse

+2 -3 Nov 3rd, 2020

Kyle rots in jail because you are stealing his donations for the police who stand down while we are beaten. Use your own millions and GET KYLE OUT NOW, you fucking fraud.

+22 Nov 2nd, 2020

I hope president can help him after this election is done

+12 Nov 2nd, 2020

I donated today and everytime I see a troll comment I add $25.

+2 Nov 2nd, 2020

President can’t pardon a state charge ‍♂️

+11 Nov 2nd, 2020

Can you make this a hot link?

+11 -1 Nov 2nd, 2020

Be fantastic if Pres. Could stop at the jail tonight when he is in Kenosha!!!

+20 Nov 2nd, 2020

appeal to president trump for a pardon after he wins re-election.

+12 Nov 2nd, 2020

Makes me sad for him. Tell him we love and support him ❤️

+12 Nov 2nd, 2020

That sounds like an excessive amount of bail.

+33 Nov 2nd, 2020

Why does the court think it has a case? Some sort of weird Wisconsin laws, or are they willfully blind to the video evidence?

+3 Nov 2nd, 2020

I think Lin mentioned there are no bonds in Wisconsin. Not sure if that is usual or just in this case.

Nov 3rd, 2020

@Slaughter Cash only bond.

Nov 2nd, 2020

Are you his attorney? I've never heard of you.

+13 Nov 2nd, 2020

Can he not at least get out with 10% bail?

+3 Nov 2nd, 2020

@WayneJacksonII The President can only pardon federal crimes. State crimes are pardoned by the governor

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