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The November 3 General Election was u lawful & unconstitutional. Secretary of State changed absentee ballot rules in March 6, 2020 Consent Agreement with Democratic Party. I filed a lawsuit today in federal court in Atlanta. Under established law, the election must be voided by legislature. Electors then chosen. All down ballot races must be set for a new election date. Governor & Secretary of State ties to China must be investigated. #FightBack


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Again, grammar

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We The People need to organize an file a lawsuit against MI, PA, GA, AZ, NV & possible WI for VOTER FRAUD & DISENFRANCHISING OUR VOTE. If everyone donated $1 ($73million) we could retain the best of attorneys. I have posted this several times, but something must be done & it's up to We The People to do it.

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In the scriptures we are told that in the last days “ wrong will be thought right; and right will be thought wrong”. We in America are witnessing last day stuff. #stopthesteal2020 #liescoveredup #wehaveacountrytosave #truthmatters

Nov 14th, 2020

How many of the people that live in Georgia think that Trump won ?

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Thank you, Mr. Wood!

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So that seems pretty standard like you said. So now let's hope the Georgia legislature isn't infested with RINOs.

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Why are there only allowing 1 observer per 10 tables ? We need to do this entire election over. 100% in person voting. Make damn sure that you are a citizen of this country or you face jail time and deportation.

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@Pomeroyarn Because I can read and discern this filing is a load of rubbish with zero chance?

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Wouldnt this lawsuit if successful only affect the absentee ballots and not change the results as they stand?

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thank you and please right the wrong mr wood. regret casted my vote in person for kemp, duncan and rattlesnake(raffensperger), didn't know they're traitors!

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Thank you for fighting for this, Lin. If this doesn’t change, the whole country will go down with the Left’s socialist agenda. I can’t believe our Republican reps were this stupid and sold us out!!!

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What can good people like us do to help?

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Ephesians 5:11-13 KJV [11] And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. [12] For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. [13] But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

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You are so full of shit Lin. I look forward to this getting tossed.

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Wow you guys really are sore losers

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Thank goodness we have people like you fighting for liberty. Thank you!

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Change the loophole that allows ppl to move there and vote. Without a waiting period.

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Keep up the fight..!! 71 million patriots have your back...

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I’ve been disappointed with Kemp since he took office. I honestly thought he would push for the religious freedom bill that Nathan Deal vetoed, but I haven’t heard one word about it since I voted for him. I’ve been suspicious something is up, but I’ll still vote for him again before voting for Stacy Abrams.

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Great. We need more of this. Hope President Trump joins this battle.

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Wow! Way to go Sir!!!!!

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Well done ! I’m sick of these voter fraud and send these criminal to jail!Tons of solid evidences on gtv .org & gnews .org shows you the truth.American deserve a lawful election!

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You sound exactly like a left-winger.

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We The People need to organize & file a lawsuit against MI, PA, GA, AZ, NV & possibly WI for VOTER FRAUD & DISENFRANCHISING OUR VOTE. 73 million of us could donate $1 ($73million) to retain an attorney or a group of attorneys.

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Did Georgia recount is a complete fraud.

Nov 14th, 2020

ECHO...THIS...EVERYWHERE...RIGHT NOW!!!!! Just heard Georgia's secretary of state on NEWS MAX. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN SIGNATURES BE MATCHED WHEN THEY DON'T KEEP THE ENVELOPE WITH THE BALLOT????? Now you would have one ballot in hand and have to search through thousands of ENVELOPES to try and find a matching signature that may not exist?? HE JUST SIDE STEPPED THE QUESTIONS OF THE INTERVIEWER. TYPICAL OF SLICK POLITICIANS. MATCH THE DAMN SIGNATURES WITH A SECOND PARTY OR VOTES CANNOT BE VERIFIED!!!!!!

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Thank you Mr Wood.

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“Election must be voided” Sure it does, dipshit. This site sure is chock full of nut jobs, idiots and assholes. And a smattering of criminals. Trump would fit right in as a it’s leader-god.

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The hashtag words #FightBack will take you to all threads that have used that hashtag. This is Mr. Woods Parler account. You just happened to see the first site to use that particular hashtag.

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Come with it Lin! Expose it all! What the Left doesn’t understand is their power is only effective to those who live in fear. I’m at peace and am okay. I’ll die before I accept this assault and Communist future of my children and grandchildren.

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I’m rooting for you, but doesn’t this seem like something that should have been challenged between March 6 and Election Day, rather than after?

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As a Georgian, I URGE you to keep up the fight! This election has been a SHAM! I will work my ass off with 100's of 1000's of fellow Georgians to make sure these corruptocrats in Georgia are FIRED!

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Lord, thank you for raising up strong men and women of integrity to fight for Good! May your blessing and protection cover each one of them as they advance against the forces of evil and stand in victory for Truth and Justice! Equip them to tear down strongholds and every thing set against You! Lead the way and bring everything done in the dark into the light! All for Your glory! Through Jesus I pray. Amen

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Please Lord. Stand with my President

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We the people need our President 4 more years. He loves America, He loves our American flag and he loves the people. We love Mr. Trump. ❤️ We give all of this to you Dear Lord....

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@Hvac39 Trump needs to win to stay out of jail. The southern district of NY has his balls in a vice. He’s a cornered rat.

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Thank you for doing this! Hearing Trump dropped the Arizona lawsuit is making me kind of lose faith.

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Thank you sir!

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Thank you Mr. Wood.....I’m sure the great people of Georgia are ever so grateful!!

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I told my husband when we got locked down “the Democrats are busy doing something. I don’t know what it is , but they don’t let crisis go to waste” this is what they were up to.

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The lawsuit is asking to void the votes bc the act if changing the process without going through the assembly made it unconstitutional. So that technically would nullify all votes. Keeping close tabs on this one

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Just finished reading your federal court complaint. I’m an attorney. Very well written! Happy to volunteer my time if you need any more legal help. Message me.

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Raffensperger has got his head so far up Stacey Abrams derrière, it will take him a week to extricate himself so he can read the lawsuit!

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All you Rinos in red states messing with President Trump will all end up as one term governors! Your asses will be handed to you!

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What’s it like being in a cult? Joe Biden is your president.

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So happy to have you working on this!!! Thank you!

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