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I will continue the fight to #StopTheSteal in Washington D.C. on January 6th! Read my statement on today’s Electoral College vote. -- MTG

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More information on today’s vote from David Shafer, chair of the Georgia Republican Party


Jan 7th, 2021

Marjorie I am so proud of you! I implore you to become an independent, the Republicans as a hole have no spines

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I’m curious as to why not a single republican has filed suit to stop mail in ballots for the Georgia run off. If it’s unconstitutional to change election laws without first adding a constitutional amendment.

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So this is just for the lawsuit? I still don't understand.

Dec 25th, 2020

I saw your profile, Christian, and wanted to share a message from Jonathan Cahn. Hopefully, you see this comment and it encourages you in the days to come and especially on Jan. 6. If you do see this, please let me know. Search YouTube for Jonathan Cahn: Urgent Message December 2020 - Where we are now and what you need to know.

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Fight for us Marjorie Greene. We need your voice to carry us.

Jan 9th, 2021

Janice. Rhpsilver@aol.com

Dec 14th, 2020

@Dellagriffin2000 They are all lying and misguiding you. All 16 of Georgia electoral votes went to Biden. Search it up

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Was Kamala Harris sworn in again yesterday?

Jan 9th, 2021

Phone: 7405913363 email: dreynolds22689@gmail.com

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Hollie Streater 952-484-0333

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Please stand up against the Electoral Vote.

Jan 9th, 2021

Luke Palmer 325-220-1917 lukepalmer2975@gmail.com