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-3 Nov 11th, 2020

@Trybolt13 Too bad it's been investigated already with no arrest. Let's talk russia dumb bitch. Once trump is out he has 5 lawsuits waiting for him too

+4 Nov 11th, 2020

@Nikoizmad Hahahaha trump in jail? Are you living in a dream world. Who's committing all the fraud rn? #wakeupclowns

-4 Nov 11th, 2020

@TexasTegrity You haven't heard about the group that follows the lying, adulterous, failed businessman, who sold out intel agencies in front of an autocratic dictator overseas, science denier, bone spur and chief? Fuck unity, y'all can fuck all the way off. Just do it somewhere else. I dont want unity with you idiots

-2 Nov 11th, 2020

@BillyTruthSeeker Literaly the GOP. IN EVERY INSTANCE lmao what a clown. And your hat is backwards? Ate you Fred Durst

+4 Nov 11th, 2020

@Nikoizmad Is that seriously your response......go to sleep

+5 Nov 11th, 2020

@Nikoizmad Byedon is the one going to jail for money laundering along with his son Hunter. I can't wait.

+1 -4 Nov 11th, 2020

@TexasTegrity You're* The joke is the orange cult panicking what they will do without their leader. I've never seen so many snowflakes

Nov 12th, 2020

@Nikoizmad President Trump will NOT go to jail. Maybe you need to go backto Twitter to spew your hate.

+1 Nov 11th, 2020

We will see if I get a handle on this..

-3 Nov 11th, 2020

@Kellyrushford13 No youre just committing mass murder. White supremacist terror groups make up over 90% of terrorattacks last 10 years

-12 Nov 11th, 2020

Once trump is in jail we will get right on it

+7 Nov 11th, 2020

There's no such thing as a "glitch" in software. Why was this crap software written in Canada? Who wrote the code? Counting ballots isn't rocket science. More deliberate fraud from the Democrats.

Nov 12th, 2020

@Nikoizmad That is an outrageous lie

+3 Nov 11th, 2020

Just ordered mine!

+4 Nov 11th, 2020

should make a 'rat hunter t-shirt...

+1 Nov 11th, 2020

Who would down vote election fraud being illegal?