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Mental illness. Suicide. Despair. Like President Donald J. Trump said, “the cure” should not be worse than the disease. These numbers are immeasurable and heartbreaking. -- MTG

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Heartbreaking yes but no one is stopped families front taking there parents home. How do you propose to keep the everyone in a nursing home safe when it only takes one person to bring in a contagion that could infect the whole nursing home? Which is worse possible death by virus or the possibility to resume normality when we have a vaccine?


Nov 29th, 2020

Note true. My Mom has been in hospital (5) months straight & mostly from hospital/doctor Gross Negligence. The 3rd hospital I had to get her extracted by calling (911) using ambulance & police. They had dropped her & injuries caused internal bleeding. They did not treat her & REFUSED to report it for (4) days. Now in 4th hospital. If I discharge her against doctors orders, her insurance will NOT pay for any if her care at home. These places are huge money makers & your loved one is THEIR meal ticket.