+16k 1.2m views Dec 14th, 2020

Bill Barr is a Patriot. His letter to President Trump was excellent. I believe Barr will announce major moves before 12/23 but does not want to stay to prosecute. He came out of retirement to clean up country & enforce rule of law. Barr has done his job & served country very well. New AG & assistants will prosecute the massive number of cases coming. Barr’s legacy will be of the highest order.

+6 Dec 15th, 2020

It had better be by December 18th. The forensic report says you have no later than 45 days from the election to take action.


Dec 15th, 2020

Amen, but that is to be done by Ratcliffe, not Barr. Has to do with foreign interference via Dominion, Smartmatic, and others. Sydney said they should be confiscating machines for National Security reasons.