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So let me get this one straight. A few days before the election, Fauci was predicting we wouldn’t get back to normal until 2022. Now, after the media has coronated Biden the winner, we’re all done with the pandemic? How... political.

+2 Nov 13th, 2020

Didn’t take long for the coronabros to jump on Parler to fact check opinions, must’ve been tired of arguing with themselves, lol, the difference from twitter and parler is your opinions on our opinions are welcomed!!!!!!


+2 Nov 13th, 2020

You know, sometimes I wonder how many of these "coronobro people" actually have jobs. Seems to me that anyone that determined to have their own opinions treated like the declarations of a pharaoh, not to mention that ugly towards others, would have a really hard time lasting in a work place. I'm thinking it's a lot of pinot grigio sipping soccer moms with no lives of their own and the social skills of a gnat.