+4.1k 158k views Nov 21th, 2020

“I think what you are seeing is the American people are fed up with the political elite politicians that have been running Washington and running this country into the ground."

+10 Nov 21th, 2020

I'm tired of the Dems spending our tax $$ on senseless, false claims. $48,000,000 on the Russian Hoax and now they're going after Lindsey Graham. Which I think they should pay back. I think we need to look at past election data because they probably cheated to get their seats. Anyone with a brain should never have voted for these jerks.


+1 Nov 21th, 2020

AMEN! Preach it! I want a full investigation into every state starting with the first use of the Dominion voting tech. Then I want to see some handcuffs damn it!