+982 45k views Nov 13th, 2020

So let me get this one straight. A few days before the election, Fauci was predicting we wouldn’t get back to normal until 2022. Now, after the media has coronated Biden the winner, we’re all done with the pandemic? How... political.

Nov 13th, 2020

@PutraHadyNasutionJr A o c is a cocktail waitress known only for her big mouth and her ridiculous high school term paper otherwise known as the most out of touch with reality deal ever conceived. Lauren owns the damn bar and fully understands reality and her constituents. AO C needs to spend a year in middle America if she ever hopes to be a voice of reason. In other words all the dictation in the world will never provide you with the common sense you need to be a leader or be successful. She is the poster child for book smart street stupid. The conservative women who are taking over the house is obviously what America wants. Deal with it.


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