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Dem Leaders Continue To Wield Their Shutdown Power Against Americans, Small Businesses | Monday 12 PM EST Dems have a new play toy to keep their citizens in line. It's called lockdowns. How are you fighting back? #wdshow

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I am done with the BS , I have a enough of this Dictator’s I will not comply! I have seen to much for my lifetime. My Parents and Grandparents went to the Nazi shit and my Mom told me all about it! My Grandpa was put in Prison by the Nazi Trash because he spoke out against Hitler. I grew up in Wester Germany to my luck but I saw the horror from a Child to an Adult what Communist East Germany did killing the Peoples who tried to escape to freedom over the Wall. I still have the Pictures in front of my Eyes I will never forget! So fuck this Dictator’s I will not comply!


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